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I just found out on Sunday! Which was also my 25th birthday. What a gift huh?!

I am really nervous about joining here because I just don't 'feel' pregnant yet, kwim? Well, besides the morning sickness, lol, ugh. I just don't want to jinx myself. Is that weird?
Anyway, I decided to test because I had been feeling so sick for about 3 weeks. It never crossed my mind that I might have been having morning sickness (even though we had been TTC since Sept, duh!
) AF wasn't due for about 9-10 days, but I figured I would take it and then stop stressing about TTC. I totally didn't expect it to say pregnant. My last period was 2 days late, really light and really short, so we are thinking it was just spotting, which I also had with Amethyst.
So I *think* I am about 8-9 weeks along, but maybe only 4-5. My due dates will be Nov 5 or at the first of Dec. Amethyst was 2 1/2 weeks early, so I never know though!
OMG!! I am so excited now that I finally said it!! Send me lost of sticky baby dust, please!!
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Congrats and welcome!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many sticky vibes to you!!!!

Congrats! Welcome!
Thank you!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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