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I already talked to the doc about this and she told me I had a dream baby.
DS, 4 months old, is hibernating I think. That boy SLEEPS! To me it seems that as soon as it gets dark outside, he wants to sleep. But the winter days are very short now and he sleeps a lot.

During the night he sleeps with us in the big bed (our nest
). He wakes up once or twice to nurse and falls asleep almost immediately again.
Then he wakes up at around 9am, nurses, smiles and blinks his eyes then turns his head and snoozes off. It's as if he was saying, "Hmmm, just 5 more minutes, OK?!"
At 11am he's wide awake. He'll sit in his relax and look and laugh. I take him for a walk in the sling, where... he falls asleep.

He'll have another nap in the early evening, too.

Is it OK he sleeps so much?
He's growing perfectly and gaining wheight wonderfully. He's very alert and active and happy when awake.
But I HAVE to but him to sleep for his numerous naps: otherwise he whines, is unhappy. His eyes get reddish and he rubs them.

Thank God we all sleep in our "nest", otherwise he and his dad would not have much from each other. It's no cute to watch that baby sleep. He often smiles in his sleep, too.

IS anybody else's baby "hibernating"?
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