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there is this book--i'll look for the title--that we got my ILs. we gave it to their pastor who read it and then 'passed it along' to them. sometimes, that guy is really nice.

anyway, the book is somehting like "when your kids live alternative" or something like this "Adult children and alternative lifestyles?" that might be it. ah, i can't remember, but i'll look for it.

anyway, it teaches parents to accept differences and let go of their expectations and disappointments.
is it this book??

It's not even that my family are so bad, I just want to have a peaceful pregnancy, and focus all my energy inward this time.
: that's as good a reason as any to cut toxic ppl out of your life--there's just not enough energy to deal with petty [email protected] like that

It's just not acceptable to have them acting such a way that even the children know Grandma and Grandpa aren't nice
Funny, my kids have known this for quite awhile (well about grandpa anyway--grandma is just wishy-washy and agrees with him so as not to make fights even bigger!), yet due to finances and such, I've pretty much always had to suck it up and continue to be around them. Now I'm getting divorced, am expecting #3 with an amazing wonderful new DP, and my dad is beyond furious. He's not speaking to me unless he's yelling obscenities, and he can't even keep his mouth shut about what a horrible person i am in front of my kids. I am so terribly hurt about all this--my parents are the only family i have, but there comes a point where you just have to say ENOUGH, and go for self-preservation! Even if I end up as a single mama on welfare, that'll be better than enduring my dad's constant verbal/mental abuse. He's never gonna meet this new babe...

anyway, just letting you know, you're not alone--don't let anyone disrespect you or your family, mama!!
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