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We had a similar situation.

We didn't tell any family about our 4th pregnancy until we were well over three months, a huge faux paux with our relatives, who live vicariously through us all. #4 will be the 3rd in 3 years and we didn't want to hear the negativety attached to the comments about, don't you know what causes this? So this is the last one, RIGHT?
: I can't believe how involved other people think they need to be in your decisions. I hear all the time, how can you afford that many kids, I always respond with, easily! In truth we don't use formula, we cloth diaper (and have plenty from previous kiddos), make our own baby food, have all the clothes and paraphanelia any parent could want. And we give birth at home, which besides the cost of plastic sheets and cord clamps is fairly cheap

My advice to you is, try not to cut people out as that can be really hard on the whole family, my dad is estranged from his family and that has been really hard on all of us, but try to turn the other cheek, or just sit them down and tell them, you may be our parents, but you do not make choices for our children. You have already parented us/me and you did a good job. Try complimenting them on raising such obviously smart, well rounded people, not to mention good parents yourself. I find that telling a mother that she did a good job raising her child, even if you are fibbing alittle bit, makes her alot less snarky to you.

If this fails, walk away, you live with the choices you make, and so do they, in the end you are only responsible for your choices, make them well!!!!!1
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