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We have a very similar situation.

We had a lot of issues with our IL's surrounding the birth of our twins and a lot of issues in general and they/we decided to cut ties about 2 years ago.

Recently they've regained contact with my DH a couple of times and he's not mentioned the pregnancy at all. We're not actively hiding it, and we won't actively hide it if asked etc., but otherwise they won't be finding out from us until after we have the baby. We feel it's the best way to avoid a potentially toxic situation.

We're not close with them obviously and honestly not seeing them during that entire time (The rest of the pregnancy.) even though we live in the same town wouldn't be too irregular so we doubt that it would be an issue that would come up.

If they do find out from others (Which they probably have already as my SIL found out from a friend of my hubby's.) they certainly haven't approached us about it and if they did we would be polite but blunt and state that we're trying to avoide any potential negativity with this pregnancy and that it's nothing personal.
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