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Hidy y'all,

I'm Melanie from Kentucky. I'm mommy to Aria, 18 months and wife to DH, Bill. I'm a full time student working towards a social work major. My goal is to work in domestic abuse advocacy or equal rights advocacy for gay/lesbians/transgenders.

I'm an anti-war activist and have very liberal beliefs. I won't try to change anyone else's beliefs, so please respect me and do the same.

I play the acoustic guitar and have written songs for both the guitar and piano. I adore libraries and always find ways to sneak in reading time throughout the day. My family loves the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the University of Kentucky's men's basketball team.

I'm also dieting. My goal is to lose 100+ pounds. I'm 23, but I have been overweight since I was 6. I know I have to do something now, or I might not be alive to watch my daughter grow up, or retire with my husband on the coast of British Columbia.

Natural parenting has recently become a high priority in my life due to the state of our environment. If I'm working so hard to lose this weight, I want to make sure the fruits and vegetables I use to fill my family are as safe for our bodies as well as the earth. The thought of all those chemicals on my skin, in my stomach, in my blood makes me nervous.

I hope MDC will provide the opportunity to make new friends as well as learn helpful cost-saving tips.

I look forward to talking more with y'all!

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