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WCC is wrap cross carry.
You can do back carry with the moby (I have never tried it, but have seen others do it). As long as the fabric is wide enough to support baby and not too, too stretchy it should work great!! And your little one should be small enough for the stretchy wrap (most people move on to woven when their kids get into toddler age).
I keep hearing people talk about guaze wraps being great. I think the mamatoto site has some info on that too.
It is just going to take some practice. Not only do you have to get use to using your wrap but also you have to get use to putting your kid on your back. Many people are very timid and uncomfortable putting their kid on their backs, especially a smaller kid who can't really hold on. It might be a bit easier if you try doing it while sitting on the bed (that is what I do when putting small kids on my back for the first time).

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