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High fetal heartbeat...

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I had my usual weekly midwife appt only to find that she was listening a bit too long to the baby's heartbeat. I finally asked her after I saw that she looked a bit puzzled or alarmed and she said the heartbeat was higher than normal and should be spiking when the baby moves from a baseline of around 150's and my baby's heartbeat was baseline around 165 and wasn't really spiking when baby moved.

She checked my pulse which was 92, my blood pressure was like 95 over something I can't remember but she said it was excellent and my temp was 37.

She recommended a CTG which I went for and the baseline was also around 160 with spikes when the baby moved...they still said this wasn't really normal and that I needed to come in to emergency in the evening for another CTG. Okay, so I ask if the baby's heartbeat is still "high" as they called it, what will be done....she answered in a strange tone - lets not go there - lets see what happens tonite and then we can decide what will happen..

I think I have the right to know what it means if my baby's heartbeat is high and what are the potential things that they might do but it seemed like maybe she didn't want to scare me just in case it is nothing.

So I am asking u wonderful midwives what u think it would mean knowing that all my other stats are normal and I am around 38 wks and 3days prego. And what are the potential things that they might do because of this?

Thanks in advance.
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the baseline of mid-160s is actually just high normal, if not mild tachycardia. However, the lack of reactivity to movement is what concerns me.

some babies do run higher, with no issues at all.
I'm only 17 weeks, but my babies heartrate has been running in the 155-160 area. My OB hasn't given me any problems about it at all.

I know I'm not a midwife, but maybe that's a bit of perspective. I hope everything is ok for you and the babe.
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