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"High needs" baby and exercise?

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DS (3mo) is not really high needs in a crying all day long kind of way, but he needs constant attention. I have to be very close to him talking etc and he stays happy but otherwise he starts getting cranky. I used to run pre-pregnancy but I just can't get back into any kind of a regimen (sp?). Walking in the sling just isn't doing it for me...
Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?
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My high needs dd is now 21 months old, and I'm just now getting back into an active routine. Pre-pregnancy I worked out 3 times a week. While that is unrealistic now, I do try to carve out some time to get out and go 'power' walking. I usually need to do this on the weekend, when dh is around to be with dd. I usually put dd and dh down for their naps, and then know I have about an hour or 90 minutes to exercise. Some days I stay at home and do just stretching or yoga.
Another 'solution' that dh and I have found works well is to go to the swimming pool. Dh takes dd to the children's/Baby pool, and plays with her while I do laps in the adult pool. If she starts to get fussy, I'm right there where she can see me, or can take her if she doesn't calm down.

You could try to do a workout to a video at home?

Just some ideas. Good luck! I am feeling wonderful now that I'm active again. It makes a BIG difference in how I react to dd sometimes and to my level of fatigue.
Have you tried a jogging stroller? Talia was high needs... oh, boy, I never put her down. My sling was a permanent accessory. I never took a stroller with me to the store or the park because I just didn't believe in them. I preferred to wear her. But, on the occasion I went running, or even for a really long walk, I'd use a jogging stroller - and she *loved* it. She still adores riding in the stroller, much to my shock and amazement. She's crazy for it. If I open the shed to get something, she's right in there asking me if we can go for a ride in the stroller. It's an embarrassing circumstance for a rabid baby-wearing mama
but, it's really come in handy for us on occasion. I think what makes it so appealing is that we only use it on occasion. If you don't have one, try borrowing one from a friend just for once and see how he handles it. And, that's one of the few gadgets that I think comes in handy to own, even if you only use it twice a year.
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we had mixed luck with a jogger. How about a treadmill? I was just at a (very deserted) gym the other day and thinking it might have worked to lay dd in her carseat or on the floor and run on the treadmill.

exercise videos?
It's not aerobic, really, but I've been doing yoga and pilates a little with my DD in her baby seat next to me. Then when she gets tired of sitting there I move her onto my mat (it's not sweaty or anything, I'm pretty low-key), play with her in between moves/poses, and sometimes incorporate her into what I'm doing. You can do the pilates "100" with the baby lying on your chest, for instance.... and I go for a lot of walks with our stroller and sling.
its good to know i'm not the only one. I'm not used to being so inactive so its driving me nuts! The videos is a good idea - i keep thinking I have to go out and run (which by the time dh comes home i'm too tired to do )but I could just stay home
. I'm more of a morning workout person anyways.
I've been thinking abt the jogging stroller... how old does a baby have to be? DS is 3 mo and his head is still a little wobbly.
Thanks ladies for the suggestions! All that's left is mustering up some will power
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Originally Posted by kerc
we had mixed luck with a jogger. How about a treadmill? I was just at a (very deserted) gym the other day and thinking it might have worked to lay dd in her carseat or on the floor and run on the treadmill.

exercise videos?
treadmill too expensive right now
... I REAALLY wanted to get one.
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I didn't read the other posts, but I just wanted to suggest two things. Do you have a jogging stroller? I was a runner, too, and my jogging stroller has been my best friend. I trained for a 1/2 marathon while pg w/my ds and that was about the only time my dd would sleep for a couple of months. But maybe he's not old enough? Mine's not very fancy, and lots of roads were too bumpy, I remember, until my dd could sit up unassisted.

The other thing I do is exercise videos. They're not as fun and there's no fresh air, but they're better than nothing. That was the only time I used my swing w/my dd, because she liked to be held too. Now that I have two, this is about all I have time for. I do The Firm, which are just about the cheesiest, but hardest, workouts I've found on tape. I'm actually waiting to make sure everyone's asleep and I'm going to go and do one right now.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by msiddiqi
I've been thinking abt the jogging stroller... how old does a baby have to be?
i have the kelty single jogger. with dd1 it kept my sanity. we went walking almost every day from 6 weeks. i got it with the weather shield for drizzle/wind. she'd sleep most days.

my jogger says no running until 6 mos.

as she got older and got bored in the jogger i bribed her with snacks/juice boxes/suckers. things she doesn't normally get. now i'm thinking to invest in a double jogger.
When my high-needs guy was that age, all I could do was walk with him in the sling. When he got a little older, he liked when I walked with him in the Kelty backpack or when I used the jogger (as long as it did not stop moving!). Once he was around 1 year old, he really took to the bike trailer and we've been using that ever since for exercise.

I hope you figure something out!
When ddwas that age I had several ways of working out. If dh was around then I'd either pop in an exercise tape or we'd ride down to the high school track and he'd walk dd around in a sling while I ran. If it was dd and I then I wait until she was asleep and then run laps on our deck or in the house, I was desperate for exercise!
When DD #1 was wee, most of my exercise came from walking (BRISK!!) with her in the sling. Once in a while, she'd hang out in her bouncy chair while I did a video, but most of the time she preferred to be on me. Once she was about 10 months, I began to run again with her in the jogger. Short runs, at first, but eventually up to as long as I wanted to go!

DD #2 is much more content to hang out beside me while I do a tape or be with daddy so it's not as much of an issue, but still I think that all babies have their "higher need days". She's 5 months, and I've just resumed running ~ DH takes her for the time I'm gone & sometimes comes with me to the track/gym and takes walks with the two girls or watches a rec program with them while I work out. That way if she *does* need me, I'm close by.

I am holding off on the jogger stroller thing until she's a bit older. IMO, I'm not comfortable with young ones in them & like to wait for readiness ~ both physical & emotional.

Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be when you want to get going.
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