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High Needs Baby/Moby and Summer

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I just got a Hotsling for my 7w old high needs, colicky, back arching fits, baby. After trying both this and a New Native, I realize that this type of sling is a disaster for us. I am thinking about getting a Moby, because it would allow me to carry her upright, which she seem to like better. I am wondering if anyone else has a high needs baby that they use a Moby with, and if so, how it works. I am also wondering if this wrap will be too hot for the summer months. TIA!!!
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A moby would allow you to carry your baby more upright. I suppose being SO close to your body in the summer might get a little warm but you could always dress your baby lightly. I particularly like the Mama Baby slings by Maya Wrap. They are stretchy like a Moby but they are a ring sling. You can wear the ring down instead of up at your shoulder to hold your baby more upright. They're both really cool, IMHO!
Does she maybe have reflux? My dd absolutely had to be upright and was a reflux baby - much happier once we started the Zantac and I cut all dairy out of my diet.

The Moby would work to keep her upright but for something a little cooler you could try a GypsyMama Bali Baby - Stretch is quite thin and very stretchy/comfy, Breeze is gauze so much cooler but a little more challenging to get right if you haven't wrapped before. And both come in wonderful patterns!

Another option might be the SlingSet, which is a pouch/support system. You can use one pouch and support or two pouches and support to do an upright/tummy-to-tummy carry. The fabric is this high-tech breathable stuff that's very soft but allows air to circulate - I wore my dd in a pouch/support last summer here in DC where it gets mighty hot and humid. Wearing a baby next to you is going to be warm no matter what you do but it was tolerable.

Have you tried putting her upright in the pouch? It can be done - just tuck her legs under her in a froggy position, stuff her in upright facing you, and do a shoulder flip if necessary to tighten up the pouch.
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i second the recommendation of something like a gypsy mama breeze wrap over the moby if you're planning on wearing it over the summer. there are other options for gauze wraps out there too, you might want to check out the reviews section of for some more ideas. i have a moby and while it was fine for short periods last summer i couldn't wear it for a long period of time without being really sweaty.
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