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This has been going for a while...<br>
my dd close to 5 now started screaming a lot lately for no apparent reason when she is upset, irritated, dissapointed, stressed, she won't speak<br>
or explain but she will yell and scream in very high pitch over the smallest<br>
things and signs of being upset over little things...<br><br>
it is kind of like baby screaming instead of expressing in words things..<br><br>
sometimes she just screams for a kick of it too, and the more upset I get the more screaming she does like on purpose<br><br>
she won't stop when asked no matter how politely nor softly even million times she will just scream louder..<br><br>
one problem is that I usually can't understand what she says as she screams<br>
the other is that she hurts my hearing as it just rings in my ears for hours after she does it as she oftentimes will scream on my lap or next to me or while we cuddle..<br><br>
I am at lose here I jsut don't know what to do, it makes me upset that<br>
she is damaging my hearing and no matter how much I explain her that she is hurting me she just does not seem to care in a bit.<br><br>
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