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high power blender vs juicer

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I have a bit of money I am trying to figure out how to spend. At first I was going to get a grain grinder, then I decided on a high powered blender (Blend-tec, vitamix) and now I am waffling with a juicer (champion).

Our bodies definately need higher amounts of nutrients to make up for decades (actually generations) of poor nutrition. My boys and I have many food allergies, and other signed of nutritional needs.

Someone described their juicing routine of juicing parsley and celery and then blending it with other foods in a high powered blender. This idea has really stuck with me. Thanks FF.

What I need in a juicer is one that is easy to clean and make the nutrients very bio available. We don't have a dish washer.
I also want something that can grind gluten free grains when I need it (thus the high powered mixer)
ok I've written my concerns

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We have a Champion and I like it, but I would probably have gotten a Vitamix or Blend-tec instead if I had thought about it (and we found the Champion on craigslist for $100, so it was a better deal!)

But it seems like you can do more with a blender. You can always blend up a lot of veggies and then strain out the pulp if you just want juice. The thing I don't like about the Champion is you have to take it all apart to wash it. It's a little bit of a hassle. They have a grain attachment you would have to buy to use it with grain and supposedly it heats up the grain more than the blenders do.

What do you realistically see yourself making with any of the above? What do you already make that would be easier if you had one of those appliances. It's easy to watch the promotional videos and think of all the extra stuff you can make, but I think a lot of people just end up making juice with their juicer and smoothies with their blenders.
I love love love my VitaMix. It is very easy to clean (I give it a quick rinse and put it back on the stand). It is so powerful you can grind stumps with it. My kids love veggie smoothies. My husband loves veggie smoothies. We've never had so many veggies in our diet. I started making them with mostly fruit and then increased the amount of vegetables. I never hid the ingredients from my kids. They like watching to see what color the smoothie is going to be. It was so worth the money. My husband and I are losing weight without even trying too.
I've heard that both the Blend-tec and Vitamix heat up the flour when whole grains are ground. The Blend-tec is a 3hp motor, the Vitamix a 2hp, iirc. I really want a Blend-tec.

We have a Jack LaLane juicer that we purchased second hand. It fabulous. Easy to take apart and rinse off afterwards. It is bulky to store, is my only issue. It creates a huge amount of pulp/waste fiber, which I save for making broth. But, it does seem to discard a lot of potential nutrients, imo. Although, the juice is purely liquid and delicious!! No matter the combination of fruits and vegetables, it turns out yummy. So, it really does maximize produce intake, imo.

You might check Craig's List for a juicer. Ours was an $90 version for $15!!

What I wonder is if the super blenders make the juice more like a smoothie with the pulp present? Or does the blender pureed the pulp/fiber into pure liquid? I don't want to drink bits of kale leaves. I want it all liquified. Is the juicer the only way for that to happen?

I'm vacillating about just getting a grain mill and continue using my current blender since the blender heats the flour when grinding. However, I'd only be grinding the amount of flour in the blender that I'd use immediately. Any blender can grind whole grains with the Sue Gregg blender batter methods. And we do that now. I'd like to be able to make whole grain, soaked yeast breads, not just quick breads; and the Blend-tec has that incredible video of making bread dough. However, I've been told it is a bit trickier to get the right combination of ingredients to make dough with the blender. (not too dry, not sticky, comes out of the bottom easily, kneads completely, etc.) So, I'm looking at food processor and KitcheAid mixers instead, and just keep using by current blender (although, it is about 20 years old).

I'd love to hear your thoughts about what you want to make and how to make it all easiest.

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I have a vitamix, and I've ground grain in it a few times, but it really doesn't do that good of a job. It IS a very nice blender though. But, thats basicly it. We recently got a super nice grain mill for grinding grains... and its MUCH better than the vitamix.

Also, I attempted to kneed bread in my vitamxi multiple times with ZERO success - I know they say it can be done, but I sure can't do it in mine.
Thread hijack: mamadelbosque, which grain mill did you buy?

Thanks, Pat

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