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my temps are almost always *way* low, like, low 97s until ovulation. this cycle I think I was fighting a bug, but, this is the second (or third?) cycle where my temps take a while to go down to the usual lows -- the last two stayed up near 98 until a day or so after my period ended. I know this can be normal, and I know my temps aren't outrageously high, but, have you ever had this kind of change where your temps are usually (13 months of charting) low and then they are higher?

I *think* I just ovulated. It used to be (based on careful cm and cp checking) that my temp would go up about a day or two after ovulation. Since I've been using the pro-gest cream, I think the temp comes around the time of ovulation, but am not sure because I'm not so careful about following my fertility.

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