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Hiking, camping, nature-loving mamas

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So sorry if there is already a tribe for this, but I couldn't find one! We love to camp and hike and it is finally warming up here, so we will be taking our 3 month old twins on their first hike. We want to take them on their first camping trip when it is warm enough, probably this summer. I hope to find other outdoorsy mamas!!
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Hi! We LOVE nature and the outdoors and camping! We're not ourselves untill it's finally not winter outside and we can spend hours hiking and loving the oudoors!
HI, we are a camping and hiking family. There is a Camping Tribe but is has gotten pretty long. Maybe we should go with this one.

My family likes to camp and we have a small travel trailer. We usually camp at national and state parks and usually in the mountains of on the coast. We have a few trips planned this year and have a shake down overnighter planned at the local KOA. Hey its close to home, full hookups, heated pool and its free (May 12th is fee camping at all KOAs). This way we can make sure everything is working after a long wet winter. Then the next wekeend we are heading to San Simeon SP on the coast for a long weekend and then in July we are going to the Sierra Nevadas for a week of hiking, fishing and mountian biking.

We also like to geocache which gets us out to hike on the weekends and to new places. It motivates my DD to hike cause there is a purpose. We also like to be in or on the water and are thinking about getting kayaks someday.


Count us in! Much easier to tent camp w/kids now that the snow's starting to melt and it's above freezing.
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: Me! Me!
My dh and I actually met during our Appalachian Trail thru-hikes in 1998 so we both love to hike.
I have to admit that we haven't done much lately. Just moved to central Texas since dh is in the Army now. We did live in Mass. which is just a hop, skip and a jump to the mountains. We lived in the White Mountains in New Hampshire before that. I'd love to move back there when this Army thing is done.
We have a 6-week old son, and I so can't wait to get him into the mountains on a hiking trip. I've been longing to get out there so badly.
We did do some camping recently. My dh was at Ft. Huachuca in Arizona for 4 months last year. I joined him in Sept and Oct., and we lived in our tent out in a canyon for that time. Of course, we didn't have a baby yet, though... well, unless you can count my dogs as my babies then.

I'm so jealous, Robin, that you're headed to the Sierra Nevadas this summer. DH and I did the Pacific Crest Trail in 2002 so we spent a good amount of time in the Sierras. It is SO beautiful and I miss it so much. And I definitely recommend the kayaks. Dh and I have 2 sea touring kayaks that we love to take out on the lake here. I'm not out there now since we have the new baby, but we already have a life jacket for him.
Kayaking is so much fun.
So anyway, I'm glad you started this tribe, NancyMom.
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