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How is Hillsboro? That's one of the places we're considering. Thanks.
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We've lived in Hillsboro and North Plains (just west of Hillsboro but still in the Hillsboro school district) since moving to Oregon seven years ago. We chose to live on the west side initially because of proximity to my partner's work location, and then we purchased our first home and have chosen to stay here because of proximity to work location and we just love our home and don't require a bigger one quite yet.

Hillsboro is definitely suburbia. There are basically two sections of Hillsboro: the newer Tanasbourne section and the older city of Hillsboro section. Regardless which section you live in, you pretty much need a car to get around to do food and other shopping, get to the library and aquatic and rec centers, and to get to the MAX line (the light rail train that goes to Beaverton, Portland, the airport, Gresham and the Expo Center). There are some apartments that are very close to a couple of MAX stations (Orenco Station, Quatama) but the former is quite pricey while the latter has gotten a reputation for crime (theft).

As far as natural/attachment parenting, finding families that fit into this category is a little challenging out here. I have met some great mamas at the Hillsboro La Leche League meeting, and I just recently joined an email list that includes a lot of west side natural parenting mamas [email protected] I'm a very new mama myself (16 days old today!) so I'm taking my time. Meeting parents who live closer to our home is something I'm working on since all of our close friends live at least a 20 minute drive from where we live.

What else do you want to know about Hillsboro?

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Thanks for the info. I think we're putting off our "Oregon move" until we get some debt paid off.
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