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We are going camping this weekend wtih our 1yo and 4yo and dog. All in a small tent! FUN! sounds like a fine plan to me. Its still pretty cold out here at night, so I am figuring out how to keep her warm. We aren't using an air mattress either. I don't like them--the kids always seem to roll over on their bellies face down in the cracks! So we have a bunch of camping pads. I am going to put the baby's and mine next to each other with an unzipped sleeping bag over the top of both of them, and give us each our own wool blanket for the top. And the kids will be in the middle--at home they sleep on the outsides of the bed. Honestly she will probaby end up in my arms, even thought its not our favorite way to sleep.

Don't worry it'll be fine!
Have fun!
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