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hip dysplasia body cast update

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Way back in December, I posted a thread about my toddler needing a body cast for probable hip dysplasia. Another MDC mama was asking how we are doing so I thought I should post this.

We sweated it out for two weeks and then saw the othopedic surgeon. After checking his x-rays..etc.. the surgeon said Kieran's funny walking pattern (limping with one leg turned out to the side) was not due to his hip dysplasia, but due to a gluteal muscle contracture...likely from his difficult breech birth. Good news - no cast! The surgeon said he would outgrow this funny walk in a few months, and he has. What I learned from this experience...
Try not to assume the worst when dealing with frightening medical issues. Even with all the hip dysplasia risk factors that Kieran the funny walk and the uneven thigh creases...he is fine. I freaked out for two weeks for nothing. If I could have just waited until we saw the specialist I would have saved my family a lot of grief. Ah well, it's all over now, and my toddler is starting to run
Thanks to all who gave support during those frightening two weeks.
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Whew!!!! Glad to hear it!
That's great news! My daughter has had to deal with hip dysplasia - harnesses and braces - and it is not fun! Glad to hear the problem is not that and that it's corrected itself.
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Hugs to you and your daughter Sugarbeth. Have you checked out the yahoo group "hipbaby"? I found it a great source of info when we were looking into this. I had severe hip dysplasia as an infant which was treated with braces until I was 2 years old. I don't remember any of the treatment or bracing and I have a virtually normal hip. Take care
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Yep, I was part of the hip-baby group for a long time.
But she's out of the braces now and is just being x-rayed now and then, so I haven't checked in there lately - that group got HUGE! :LOL
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Mamabike, I'm with you about not assuming the worst when faced with a medical bump in the road. I once posted this:

"Looking back I believe we went to extremes for nothing over our dd's hip at age 10 mo. (she is now 2). I took her to a routine 9 mo ped appointment and our doc rotated her hips and "felt" something odd while doing the rotation. She recommended an x-ray and a visit to an ortho specialist. I took dd to the xray (tough - she had to lay in foam cut out of a baby and not move - yeah right). The three of us (and the xray) went to the ortho specialist and he could tell immediately that there was nothing to be concerned about. There is a minor degree difference in dd's hips but nothing that even remotely warranted attention." - E.
So glad to hear you and Keiran are doing fine, and no need for a cast!

Hopefully I'll see him (and you) again when I return home in late August.
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