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I had hip and groin pain with my last pregnancy, but it didn't start until I was like 5mos....I felt like I could not walk well at all...I'm hoping that I don't get it again...I have been using 2 extra pillows to sleep with so that my legs are lifted up well..And if you can manage to still sleep on your back, you should put pillows under your knees so that it takes pressure off the back...When I was about 6 or 7 weeks, I thought I pinched a nerve in my spine because I would get a shooting pain down my spine if I moved in a certain way...It went away after a few days...
My twin sister on the other hand had sciatic nerve problems where it really hurt her butt and would cause her to feel like she was going to fall if it acted up from sitting to standing. It was terrible for her...I hope yours gets better.
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