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I don't understand this...My daughter is starting to roll around on the floor just angry and crying and screaming. It feels like there can't possibly be anything wrong, but she won't calm [email protected] I pick her up and she fights me and gets down. I hold her and she rolls and twists and fights to get down. I've never dealt with anything like this... she's a climber, my son wasn't she's much more outgoing than he was. less allergies than him and now these tantrums!! She turned 1 June 25th.<br><br>
I just don't know what to expect. She just started this and it's a little frustrating. I just wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this and what to do.<br><br>
Actually a thought did occur to me just now. Could she be allergic to the cream of wheat I fed her this morning and doing this because her tummy hurts? Just wondering...<br><br>
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