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Hit me with your best links...

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Okay, folks. My dh is actually trying to become politically knowledgable!! He already pretty much has his mind made up, but he hates to make a decision without the having the whys behind it. He rarely has time to do his own research (between work and pharmacy school...). And "My wife read it on Mothering" isn't always the best reason for him.
So, I figured I'd go to my favorite guys...and ask for your favorite "why the shrub has to go" links. Where can he go to find the best info? Sadly enough, I've already sent him the only one I have bookmarked...The Truth About George. So can you give us some more???

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This isn't about Bush but one I thought I would share. Now I will prob make the liberals and conservatives mad at me.
On the site they have a Q&A that is really informative.
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I hate for somebody not to see the whole truth!!!!!!!!!
Well, that seems unfair to only inform him of YOUR views...
The Fence and You Debate represent both the right and left argument to a subject. This would give a broader view of an issue than lets say
See less See more - simply lists reports on other published news from journals and newspapers all around with short summaries so you can read through much of the truth that is scattered around our mostly-horrible media. This is THE place to go to find out what is happening in our country (and others) politically.
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