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Hitting and throwing toys... HELP!!!

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Tracy seems to only respond to the physical. Just explaining things to him doens't work. He is only 2.

He is constantly throwing things. If he wasn't hurting ppl I would just consider it a stage that would pass. But he throws things AT ppl. He gave Bryce a big gash in his head by hitting him witha hotwheel. He busted a little girl in the mouth with a book. He has given Bryce countless cuts and bruises with toys.

Other than smacking him what can I do? I've tried giving him other options and he just doesn't cooperate.

Its the same with hitting. He is constantly smacking me, Bryce, dh, the cat, other kids.... We've tried teaching him acceptable ways to touch and nothing seems to work. He just keeps smacking. He especially does it when he is aggrivated. So, I've tried helping him realize what he needs. He is to where he is talking but he just cries NO and STOP and hits.

What can I do??
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