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HIV infection rates decrease in S. India....

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And golly gee whillikers, circumcision had NOTHING to do with it!!

The authors attributed the favorable trend to an increasing use of condoms by men and an insistence by prostitutes that their partners use them. That decline, in turn, reduced the transmission of H.I.V. to spouses.

Experts cautioned against drawing too firm a conclusion from one study and added that the new findings did not mean India's H.I.V. epidemic was over.

Still, the study has two key implications, the researchers said.

One is that strategies that emphasize education about how H.I.V. can be transmitted and the use of condoms offer the best hope for reducing the spread of the virus in India.

A second is that routine monitoring of H.I.V. and other sexually transmitted diseases are powerful and cost-effective ways to control AIDS in India. But experts urged constant vigilance for signs of a reversal of the favorable trend.
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