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Hives... where do I start???

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Ds #1 is 26 months and teething his 2nd year molars pretty hard. It's pretty much screaming at the top of his lungs all day long. Plus he's broken out in little bumpy red spots all over his body. Started on his legs and there are patches behind his knees but now it's on his back and upper arms too.
His diet is egg free, dairy free but does include wheat because he has never shown sensitivity to that before.

ANyone ever experience this before? Sudden allergic reaction while teething? Or is it just hives from the stress of teething?
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My DD broke out in hives pretty quickly. SHe was 12 months at the time and I had given her her first egg that day. We went to our ped. who did allergy testing and it was not the eggs. SHe ran a fever earlier that week and we think it was just a virus causing the hives.

Not much help but maybe he is showing symptoms of a sickness?

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Actually, not sure that really sounds like hives . . . have you thought about eczema? You could google images of both to compare.
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