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Hello everyone!

I'm a brand new, first timer here, both on the forums and at this whole pregnancy thing! Eeek, scary!

The due date I get whenever I enter all my info into a due date calculator is November 26th, so I'm here to hang out with y'all for the long haul. Supposedly I'm in week 7 right now.

It's all totally nervewracking, but I'm so excited as well! And I'm really happy to have the chance to share this experience with all of you.

Much love.

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Welcome and Congratulations!
I think you'll like it here...I've learned so much and this is my SECOND baby!
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Congratulations and Welcome (oh how I wish I had MDC during my first and 2nd pregnancy!!)
Congrats! Welcome!
great to have you join us! congrats!!

i, too, wish i would've known about MDC for my 1st pgnancy.
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