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My DH would kill me if he knew I was in here, but here I am. :LOL

We tried using Fuzzi Bunz with my DD about 6 months ago, and they didn't work well for us. They leaked. However, it was MOSTLY wicking, and the occasional leak that was caused when DH or MIL didn't fasten the snaps correctly. (They'd frequently *forget* to fasten the thigh snaps.
: )

Anyway, I sold my stash and we went back to 'sposies, mostly because I got tired of fighting about it with DH.

However, I've been thinking that I might give our local diaper service a try, especially now that DD (16 months) is VERY interested in the potty. I'm thinking that the wet feeling from cloth might make her more aware of when she goes pee-pee, which might help her learn to use the potty sooner. WIshful thinking? Probably. :LOL But I'm still interested in giving it a try.

Anyway, since they just wash the dipes, not the covers, I'd need a smallish stash of covers and probably a Snappi or two, right? Is there something else I'd need that I'm not thinking of? And also... can anyone recommend a good cover for my DD? She's about 27#, and 34 inches tall, so she's fairly long and lean. However, she has a poochy tummy at times! She wears a size 3 or 4 in 'sposies (3 fits better, but 4 is okay, too...) and she wears a 12-18 month or 18-24 month in clothes.

Any ideas? TIA for your help!
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