We've got holiday gifts moms really want to see this Holiday season
If your family is anything like many of ours, you may be the one doing the bulk of the buying of the holiday gifts. And that means you're buying for everyone.

Except maybe yourself, and when you're asked, "What do you want?" you might find it hard to answer. We know; we're so often so used to focusing on others, it isn't our natural thing to focus on holiday gifts we'd actually like getting. That's why we've combed our mama forums and looked into eco-friendly, natural gifts (many of which give back to their communities and the world at large). We've come up with a list of holiday gifts mom really wants to see this season, and we've already checked twice; you've been very, very nice. Let us repeat that. Very nice!

Holiday Gifts Mom Really Wants To See: Gifts That Give Back

Always mothers at heart, we love when a gift gives back in the process of bringing joy. There's a reason we're investigators and label readers. We want to make sure that the products we buy for our families and ourselves are not just good and clean for us. We think globally, and we want the things we buy to matter to our environment at large. We want to buy from companies who give back, and we want our dollars to go to companies who take care of their employees and the world.

We want our gifts to come from businesses that make eco-friendly production and sustainability priorities. We want to support minority-owned businesses. We want to support small and local businesses. We want to support companies who have purpose in their passion and their products and we want the gifts we get to come from those kinds of companies too. Because let's face it, even if it is someone else's dollars doing the buying, we want them to make a difference to us and to the world.

Think Fairtrade When Gifting Holiday Gifts Mom Really Wants

In a world where it seems like the almighty dollar is ever-increasingly gaining importance over people and their basic dignity and rights, we can make a difference with our money. Fairtrade products are always something we seek out when making our gift lists, mainly because if a gift is fair trade, you can be sure that the people who made it are being paid appropriately and you are helping build their lives with your support. Fairtrade International is an independent, third-party certification organization that betters the lives of farmers and workers in developing countries. You know, those countries who have children making dresses you find on Amazon for $2.98? Fairtrade International helps fight for those children, and the hardworking families and workers all over the world to ensure products are made responsibly. One of our favorite Fairtrade companies is Fairtrade America. They're members of Fairtrade International, and they've partnered with five licensees this year to encourage ethical gift-giving. And, they've got all sorts of lovely gift ideas you can put on your list when your little people ask, "Mama, what do you want for Christmas?

In fact, this year, Fairtrade America partnered with several organizations to help promote more fair trade gifts in the holiday season. They include Conscious Step Socks (which work to end violence against women), Endangered Species Chocolate Bites and Truffles, Navitas Cacoa Powder, Fran's Caramels, Kicking Horse Organic Coffee, and other goodies from the Fairtrade America shop.

Our Favorite Holiday Gifts Mom Really Wants To See

Save The Wave Light & Brigth Skincare Regimen

Here's reality. Mamas are always looking for products that work like the ones a traditional dermatologist would give us, but are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and give back to the environment. Hard to find...until we came across two sisters who are also healthcare professionals. Save the Wave Skincare founders Heather Dyer (a Nurse Practitioner) and Elena Avila (a Physician Assistant) created Save the Wave because they understand the value of scientifically proven ingredients to achieve the best skincare results. They use the highest quality, most effective, and safest ingredients in every product--all the stuff we need, but nothing we don't.

Their love of all things sun, beach, ocean, and Earth motivated us to create a product line that's safe for humans and our oceans by using reef friendly ingredients and environmentally responsible packaging. They strive to improve and innovate in ways that reduce our impact on the environment and dedicate a portion of our profits to ocean and environmental conservation.

But best...if you're looking to pamper your favorite Mama (go ahead and raise your hand if it's you!), then you're going to love this Light and Bright regimen. SO many of us suffer from melasma and other effects of the sun/getting older/motherhood and this regimen is a clean way that helps you look and feel your best while also giving back to our earth's oceans. Yes, go buy it now. And enjoy.

She Lives Aloha Box

No one did much of ANY traveling this year, and the fact is that mamas DESERVE to have a special pampering in the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Sigh, since that's not necessarily easy or practical sometimes (even outside of a pandemic) the most BEAUTIFUL box can come to you, Mama. She Lives Aloha is a subscription box that brings the best of Hawaii to you, and nowadays that couldn't be more welcome. These curated quarterly kits have special items from the island of Hawaii to bring the islands a little closer to everyone who couldn't make it this year. Unlike other subscription boxes, they don't send you a collection of samples. They send experience and products that are supporting small businesses either based in Hawaii or with ties to Hawaii.

She Lives Aloha boxes are filled with products that are sustainably sourced and protect the beautiful islands from whence they come and portions of every sale to a Hawaiian charity.

No, you may not be able to make it to Hawaii for the holidays BUT you can have some of Hawaii come to you--and that's heavenly!

Astrea Stainless Filtering Water Bottle

How clean is the water we're drinking? Even in 'filtered' water bottles?Astrea water bottles are the only re-fillable, stainless steel, filtered water bottles on the market with the highest NSF certification to eliminate lead and toxins. This means you can fill it up with tap water from any location (home, school, gym, airport, truck stop), and it will filter out all heavy metals offering you the healthiest and best-tasting water. Drink clean, save plastic and keep yourself hydrated and healthy. In a stainless, so it stays cold!

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Fracture StoryBoard

This is one of those gifts mamas WANT but never get around to doing. DON'T LET THIS BE THAT YEAR! The Storyboard is Fracture's new floating shelf, designed specifically to hold Fracture prints.

Fracture is one of the country's leading photo decor brands that lets people easily upload their favorite digital photos, have them printed directly onto glass (ie: sleek, no frame wall art), and shipped in an eco-friendly package ready to mount with the screw they include or on their new Storyboard shelf.

Mamas take TONS of meaningful, inspiring photos that will never make it off of your phone or social walls due to the hassle of traditional printing. We love seeing walls decorated with pictures but we're just.so.busy.

Fracture does it for us...by allowing us to easily order a beautiful, durable photo printed directly onto glass.

Mindful home workers will feel even better knowing that Fracture is a carbon-neutral company where sustainability is central to everything that they do from their minimalist packaging to their recycle-friendly manufacturing process to the fact that they operate out of a completely solar-powered Facility near Gainesville, Florida.

Every Storyboard is made out of 100% natural certified Appalachian hardwood that is sustainably and ethically sourced. Specifically, that means that the wood they use does NOT come from anywhere rights are violated, conservation values are threatened, trees are Genetically Modified, or wood is illegally harvested or deforested for commercial use.

Safe, sustainable memory display--yes, please!

Coconuts For This Cream

Laura Catella began developing this skincare line for her mom who was experiencing a skin challenge with dark spots on her cheeks, upper lip, and tops of her hands. After years of research and development, Laura created The Extra Strength Dark Spot System with no added fragrance, no filler, no weird stuff; just natural, organic ingredients which actual use has shown the elimination of dark spots and happy surprise - eliminates acne scars! From there, the Eden Beauty line was launched. Always vegan and cruelty free, eco-conscious and made in the USA.

They just launched a delicious body balm--and we think it's pretty dreamy. It gives some sun protection and a glow that comes from the inside out, and it's a great pampering gift for any mama you know.

Halo Hand Non Toxic Nail Polish

Wouldn't you love to pamper yourself and have an at-home mani that actually is easy enough to do without being toxic for your hands? Guess what? Halo Hand makes that happen--each kit has everything you need for a total makeover of your nails. Best of all, you're not compromising your nails by exposing them to toxic chemicals in the process. We love the classic colors kit for its brassy, sassiness

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Tushy Bidet

Yes, natural-minded mamas love Tushy because seriously--who doesn't love a clean butt? Even better? Who doesn't love a clean butt that YOU didn't have to clean? Tushy is A MUST for every postpartum mama who needs gentle cleaning and frankly, if you think about the fact that you're basically wiping poop with dry paper all over your bum? Well, we have to say there's NO REASON there was ever a toilet paper shortage because Tushy and their new ottoman for better squatting position could essentially put that whole thing to end.

Even better? They're believers in not having a Plan(et) B, so they're all about sustainability and carbon neutrality. We love even more. Almost as much as how clean our rears feel after every trip to the potty.

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Allison Carter Celebrates

This holiday season mayyyyy be (okay, definitely is) different and for many of us? It joins in with the entirety of this year being different and us moms pulling our hair out.
That's where our friend Allison Carter enters. She helps YOU make special and simple memories with your family but in a way that you don't even have to do anything but check the mail.

She does so with her Memories in Moments: Unwrapped boxes--they're fun holiday and special-occasion themed boxes that are already filled with activities, crafts and memory makers for your whole family. Basically, she lets you feel like a rockstar with all the prep but SHE does the prep.

All the smiles and happy family fun, with none of the extra work or brain space spent! Win win.

We've been given the opportunity to go to looking for those simple, nostalgic moments, and Unwrapped is the perfect resource for parents to do that. It also makes the perfect family holiday gift!

What we love about Allison (who's based in Seattle, WA) is that she doesn't just want to fill your mailbox with junk month after month. She IS a mom and is making each box FOR moms--designing everything that goes in and sourcing from responsible vendors. She and 20 other women are all stay-at-home moms who make a difference in the lives of many moms everywhere and she just gets it.

So get yourself a subscription! She is offering Mothering readers a 10% code (MOTHERING10?) and we can't tell you enough how cute the December box is. Make that your first box--you won't regret it!

Evolved By Nature Hand Therapy

We are GEEKS over clean chemistry and we are super fans of Evolved By Nature. When Rebecca "Beck" Lacouture and her fellow student Gregory Altman graduated in biomedical engineering and biotechnology engineering, respectively, they didn't know that their work would change their lives and the lives of all on the planet.

It wasn't until Beck's ovarian cancer diagnosis in her 20s that the duo realized reinventing silk in liquid form could replace harmful ingredients in skin care products and create a platform for entirely unique and biocompatible benefits across nearly any industry.

They founded Evolved By Nature™ (previously Silk Inc.) in Boston, Mass., in 2013. The company holds patents covering a wide variety of silk molecular compositions and continues to discover, develop and commercialize new applications for natural silk, supported by a growing team of scientists, engineers and other experts who are passionate about putting an end to hidden, harmful chemicals.

We LOVE that Beck's first invention was a silk-based implantable device for women who were undergoing reconstruction after mastectomy, and we love that today, their silk-based products span across industries and every product has 12 ingredients or fewer. Their sanitizer is awesome during these crazy times, but the hand therapy is magic on your hands.

Aiona Alive Facewash

Created by make-up artist Lisa Strong, who has over a decade of experience in the film industry, Aiona Alive is a clean skincare line created with no petrochemicals and without harsh skin irritants. Created with silver carp collagen, Aiona Alive is a high performing skincare line that treats skin conditions and is anti-aging. Aiona Alive is never tested on animals, but it has been tested by actors for over three years, and mamas rave about how good their face feels after using this easy citrus wash.

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EnviroSax Mallorca Totes

We know you're using reusable totes more than ever and especially in an age where you want to know where your bag has been and where it goes. That's why we ADORE these bags from Envirosax. The prints are gorgeous, and they're the best eco-friendly bags you'll find. A high-quality reusable bag that can match any fashion design clothes you wear and a perfect solution to plastic bags! Lighter than a lipstick, stronger than a suitcase--therefore, perfect for moms.

A perfect go-to bag with unique designs to fit your everyday style. From a grocery shopper bag, traveling bag, beach bag, or just an everyday tote, the Envirosax can fit all. It's made from lightweight polyester and is designed to hold more than 44lbs. It's completely water-resistant and folds to 2", just the perfect size to fit any bag you have.

But we love that they are printed using eco-friendly dyes and printing methods. Super strong fabric material that can be washed even with hot water. Good for you, good for fashion and great for the environment. Yes, please.

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The Sleep Shirt Luxury NightGown

It's the holidays and it's been.a.year, so why not pamper yourself with the luxury of heavenly sleep? The Sleep Shirt is a Canadian company that makes good-looking, comfortable sleepwear that's produced locally and ethically. Based in Vancouver and designed in Canada and Sweden, The Sleep Shirt is best known for its classic, contemporary nightwear made from high-quality cottons and linens. Sleepwear for ladies tends to be all about sexy, silky sleepwear and while that's nice for now and then, let's be real. Comfy is where it's at.

Founded by Alexandra Suhner Isenberg, a Canadian living in Sweden, The Sleep Shirt is made for women who don't want to sacrifice style for comfort.

Even nicer? The Sleep Shirt gives back to so many different charities with every purchase; it's like a luxurious charitable donation and you know that's a great gift that keeps on giving.

Zum Room and Body Mist Set

We love Indigo Wild. They're a band of humans who want the ingredients they use to be the best things on the planet, and it shows in their products. They know that holistic ingredients bring life to everything, and they use only the best stuff to bring their zen into the world. They had us at "We love dogs and hate breast cancer," as they're active in rescue and giveback. They donate a portion of proceeds to the Kansas City Sheltie Rescue and they have dogs (mostly rescue) running around their offices. Additionally, they have cancer survivors working with them, and they donate portions of profits to cancer charities as well.

And while all of that is incredible--and it is--we can't help but get giddy when we use their room and body mists. They smell divine, with 100% essential oils as their base and you can use without worry of toxins or poisons. Just great Zen and incredible smells, and we won't blame you one bit if you buy these and don't even share with others.

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AU Natural Skinfood Eye Serum

Okay, mamas. Here's another must-have if all those zoom calls this year have left you realizing your undereyes make you look like you come from Night of the Living Dead.

We love that the New Zealand-based company uses their prized Manuka honey to moisturize and nourish and if we're honest, their whole Skinfood line is pretty divine.

And, because we know the natural ingredients from New Zealand are rigorously tested to ensure efficacy on the skin, you can trust that they're good for your body and the earth. Au ensures that all ingredients are ethically sourced and grown and designed to deliver effective results in a healthy way.

They're endorsed by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society, are BPA-, Cruelty-, Paraben-free and pregnancy safe, and good for all skin types because they react with your body's chemistry.

Their Nourishing Eye Serum uses a highly effective blend of blackcurrants, boysenberries, grapes, kiwifruit extract and rosehip oil. Potent antioxidants help diminish the sun's damaging effects, improve skin elasticity and increase skin hydration. We love the steel rollerball that massages eye bags away and keeps puffiness off the radar--and, here's a pro tip: keep it in the fridge and it's like an instant facial every morning! Trust us, this will be one you can't live without!

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Rocketbook Panda Planner

This will be a gift that keeps giving because it's the world's first reusable, digitally connected planner. If you've been stuck between loving old-school writing but the convenience of your phone/device, then this planner is perfect for you! It features several templates to help you set goals, measure your progress, and reflect on how far you've come. The templates are broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily sections that help organize every aspect of your life. The Planner features Rocketbook's reusable technology, making it the last planner you'll ever need to buy. You scan into the app and life is great--organized and planned. Which is kind of nice in a world of chaos sometimes!

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