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holiday photo ideas?

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anyone have any ideas for creative holiday photos?
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One year I thought of doing dd hanging in a stocking, but did her "coming out" of a gift box instead...then I dressed her in holiday pj;s and had her looking up the chimeny with a boot hanging down and cookies half eaten as if Santa had just left...the next year I dressed her as a reindeer...this year I have 2 and am not sure what I'm doing...
I saw an article last year in (I think) Martha Stewart's Living mag that had a lot of cute ideas. Maybe your library would have the back issue for Nov/Dec? One that I remember was that they had all the family members sitting/kneeling/standing/standing on something so they were in a line each holding a wrapped present w/ words printed on them to spell out "Merry Christmas from the X's" or similar. Really, I think I'm going to have to go to the library and get that because I remember seeing some of the ideas and thinking how creative and cute they were.
A friend of mine did some cute shots with her ds all tangled up in Christmas lights.
I saw a cute idea a couple of years ago. The child was photographed holding the hand of someone in a Santa suit, but the focus was on the child and you could only see the gloved hand and sleeve and a bit of Santa's belly and leg. Just enough to let you know it was Santa-so the child was the focus.

The tangled in Christmas lights is particularly pretty if you have a good camera that can take sharp low-light pictures. Turn off the lights and let the glow of the Christmas lights illuminate the child's face.

We got a cute one with a Santa hat on once.
Last year, DD was 3 months old. We put her in herChristmas dress, and draped a white blanket over carseat. We put her in it in front of the tree with the lights on. She had a little Santa hat, too. I tried to get one of her smiling, and my best shot ended up being her with drool all over her chin, little bubbles, the works. So, I put the words "I'm Drooling of a White Christmas" in the space over her right shoulder and we sent that out. It ended up really cute, and we got lots of compliments on it.

I also tried getting picturesof her wrapped up in Christmas tree lights, but she was just too little to really play with thm or look at them in wonder.

I think this year, I'm going to cut out the word J-O-Y from heavy white cardstock and put her in her (a yet unpurchased) Christmas dress on a black background and have three photos of her side by side, each with one of the letters spelling out joy.
Wow, you all are so creative! I usually just choose the cutest recent picture of DS and use that.

Although one year I did put reindeer antlers on my dog -- does that count for creativity?
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oooh, these are awesome ideas! i'm going to try the christmas lights one this year.

last year, i had randomly taken an absolutely adorable picture of dd wearing a colorful fuzzy winter hat, so we ended up using that as our holiday card photo. we had so many people tell us how cute it was.
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