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holistic(ish?) PDX dentist

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Anyone here looove their dentist? I don't like ours a bit and am overdue for a visit. The last one was so bad i cancelled my follow-up. We have Delta (intel) dental
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I don't know of anyone, but I agree, I'm overdue and would love to find a naturalpathic dentist.
you could do a google for biological dentist and see what you find. I am not sure how natural they are but they are better than a mainstream one. The one I saw didn't do mercury and removed them but he also used fluoride.....
I'm looking for a holistic dentist too. I went in March and tried to refuse the Xray. When I said no to the Xrays, the dentist told me I had to get them or the hygienist wouldn't clean my teeth. Since my dental insurance ran out April 1st, I decided to get the Xrays so I could have one last free cleaning. I hope someone comes up with something for us.
yeah why do they do this? why can't they clean teeth w/o the stupid...
There is Dr. Chapman (503) 222-3591. I have always hated the dentist and avoided going, but after meeting and talking with Dr. Chapman, I was won over right away. Dr. Chapman considers himself a holistic dentist, but he does still use most of the traditional dental stuff, as far as I can tell, but
his attitudes are much more progressive than other dentists I've known. He wants to replace my mercury fillings but is waiting until my breastfeeding days are over. He is gentle and caring and takes a lot of time explaining everything and for your questions.

Dr. George Noland (503) 233-4775 He's had a mercury free practice for over 30 years and he is kind and gentle and funny and takes time to make sure you understand everything and are comfortable with it. He even acknowledges that lots of people release old dental traumas at his office. I had a truly pain-free root canal there. He also has a naturopath at his office
once a week to cunsult with people about dental issues.

Heard wonderful things about:
Macadam Dental
Kevin Morish


dr snodgrass 360-514-9212
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Thanks for the dentist recommendations! I am wanting to find a good one too. My friend goes to someone who uses some new water tools instead of the old picks and drills. I would love to try that next time.

As far as not getting a cleaning without x-rays, just tell them you're pregnant! I guess you probably wouldn't want to lie to somebody you were going to return to over and over, as they'd catch on pretty quickly.

I got my teeth cleaned when I was about 4 months pregnant and they had no problem doing it without the x-rays. I don't think they'll want to do fillings or anything like that without x-rays, but just a cleaning should not be a problem. That is ridiculous. My husband has refused them too, just because he didn't want the exposure, and his dentist was okay with it.
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