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Holistic/Natural moms in Warrenton/Gainesville/Haymarket

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Hi moms.. Anyone living in or near these areas who have babies &/or toddlers who love Natural Parenting.. healthy food.. make your own baby food.. love outside activities.
: .etc.. Anyone interested in these types of things??
Let's get a group going.
My name is Lisa and I have a 6 month old son named Noah and a 2.5 year old son named Leif.. I'd love to find a great play date friend(s). There are so many fun parks and events around this area for kids and it's much better to share it with other people and kids. Also, I find it hard meeting like minded moms.. Are you out there? It's getting warm soon.. let's take the kids to the Park!
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Do you want to make a standing play date time at a park in the area? Back in January I looked at getting something going but could never find a good cold weather place. Now that it warm we can just meet outside. What do you think of meeting up this Sunday morning (May 3)? Any idea of which park?
I just wanted to bump this for you
I'm not in that area any longer but I know there are some amazing mamas around! Hopefully some of them will see this!
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I am looking for playdates for my 6 month old daugher. Haven't started solids yet but plan on making organic baby food. I cloth diaper, EBF, and generally try and live a natural fuss free life.

I'm live in Prince William County but meeting like minded mothers would be worh the drive!
I'm in Haymarket and would love to meet other mama's from here... I'm a little crunchy and learning more all the time..
I have a 2 year old and 3 month old..
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: I am so excited to see other mommies lke me in the area!! This is so great!! Sorry.. I am just getting back from a Long Vacay in Sante fe..
So the weather is nice.. Let's all get together! How about we plan to meet next weekend.. How about everyone let me know if Sunday works for them.. later afternoon? We could go to RADY Park in Warrenton or if anyone knows a different really great park.. between PWCounty and HayMarket area that'll work too..
Just let me know!!
Looking forward to meeting all of you!
mommy to Elliot Leif 31 months and Noah 6 months
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Oh Yeah.. CHOCOLATE MAMA I forgot to say I'd love to meet up and talk about Cloth Diapering! I just started my kids on it after a lot of dipaer rashes with my 2 yeara old and I LOVE IT!! It's soo easy and the diapers are so cute. Love to bounce Ideas off you..
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Still on for 9:30 tomorrow morning (Sunday, May 24) at Rady park in Warrenton?

I'll be there with my 16 mo old DS. Hope to see other MDC moms!
Oh man I missed it! I live in Culpeper, work in Warrenton. I'm just not on MDC enough I guess!
Rowan had a blast on the swings and the play set though if there were any other MDC moms there, I missed them!

I'm open to making this a standing meetup time, though. How does 9:30am every 3rd Sunday of the month sound?
That sounds good to me! That would make the next one June 21 right? That's my anniversary and we're going away for one night, but I will def plan for July!!
Hello ladies,
We missed the play date also.. Sunday's are hard for me, that is the begining of my husbands weekend so we are usually doing family stuff.. I will try to aim for the july one, because the one in June we will be at the beach and also that is fathers day if it matters to anyone... can't wait to meet everyone..
Geez.. I got the dates mixed up and I need to check this more often. I want to get a standing date & Time for everyone to meet up! Do you all work during the week... I think that'll be easier to get together since most of us do family stuff on the weekends. Sundays are actually fine for me but can we meet more in the afternoon?
Nokesville mama here. Not too far from Warrenton..........I think. Just moved here in March. DS will be 4 in September and I have a daughter who is 6 months. Would love to meet some moms and get out of the house!!! LOL
I do not work outside of the home so my week days are open if anyone wants to meet up somewhere. I have a 4 month old and a 2 year old.. My 10 year old and 15 year old are in school during the day...They will be out soon for summer
Anyways, I would love to meet up at a park somewhere...
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Hi Lisa,

I live in Amissville (just west of Warrenton) and work in Fairfax. I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my first child having a difficult time finding a pediatrician that is open to delayed/selective vaxing. Have you found a ped that you are happy with or about any others in the region who are open to natural minded moms? I'd be willing to travel to down toward Culpeper and as far east as Fairfax.

Thanks for anything you can share. :)

Hello Mamas!

I just moved to Hartwood and am highly motivated to finally make some IRL MDC friends. I am willing to drive to your area if you live up in Warrenton, etc. I am a SAHM so weekdays work a whole lot better for me. I have 19 month old twin girls. I am dying to meet some natural mamas! We cloth diaper, we're vegan, we're tv-free around the kiddos, still nursing, etc etc.

LET's HANG!!!!!
WOW! I see that there about 10 mamas here.. Don't we all want the same thing.. to meet like minded moms & have fun playdates with our kids? So, since it's been so hard for all of us to organize a playgroup.. I started one for us on (Compassionate All Loving Moms) Please become a member so we can all keep in touch better! I am going to organize 2 playgroups a month.. the first one is on September 16th at 10am Please come out and meet other natural parenting moms like us!! That day is special because it's also my son Elliot's 3rd birthday and so I have reserved the picnic tables at RADY PARK in Warrenton and I will be serving lunch and cake and ice cream. (please gifts are not necessary) For those who haven't been to that park it's really great.. Fun playground and jungle Gym and swings and a lovely Creek with bridges... My 9 month old wants to meet friends too. This Natural moms playgroup is for moms with babies &/0r toddlers!! PLease PM me with any questions or even if you'd like to get together before that date. Hope to meet all of you soon, Lisa
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I realize this post is from 2009; however, does CALMoms still exist? I live in Warrenton and have an 8 month old. Looking for other moms that practice natural parenting.
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