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Holly...How's the belly??

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Are you having contactions or early labor signs yet? Keep us posted mamma!
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Well, for the moment baby has decided to stay in its 37°C environment. I can't say I blame him/her as here in BW we've had temps around 2-3°C all day today and it hasn't stopped raining.
Last night had an hour of false labor, and almost thought the baby would come.
Had a gyn appt this afternoon, and baby is in position, dropped, so it's just a matter of time.

I'll keep you posted if anything changes...
Bump, Bump, Bump do you still have a bump? Tomorrow is the magic day! Blessings, Blessings, Blessings and a joyful labor and easy delivery!
I STILL have a bump. Getting irritable and really emotional.
Maybe dh was correct in proclaiming the entire 9 months that HIS children always arrive 'on time'. Dd came the exact day she was due as well. We'll see!
I went into labor on my due date, he was born the next morning! it was quick!
HA! Well, dh was wrong this time. April 15th here, and I am still pregnant. I go in to see MW for a check-up this morning. Perhaps our little baby will be an 'Easter baby'! Or not...
I just hope I won't have to be induced in two weeks, and that the baby is still healthy.

Please send labor dust/vibes our way!
Wishing you......

plenty of fluid in your placenta to support the baby until s/he decides it's their bithday...

a really quick, natural labor and delivery, like - you wake up in the morning, feel a little cramp, go to the bathroom, your water breaks, you go to visit your midwife for your regular appointment and deliver 15 minutes after you get there! It doesn't hurt to wish!

You'll be in my thoughts! Go eat some chocolate ice cream while you can! 3 days before ds was born I'd gone out to lunch with my mom and nephew. I passed on ice cream at the restaurant but decided on the way home I really wanted some - enough to stop in a major rain storm. I was in the convenience store staring at my choices and trying to decide. The clerk just looked at me and said "oh honey, don't even worry about it, eat anything you want and worry about it later!" It was amazing!

************************************************** **
this is the dust
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Hi Holly:

Is any of family coming to help you out?
In which hospital are you going to deliver?
Thinking of you, Hollycrand!!!

Good labor vibes coming your way.....

I don't have a bump anymore! Natacha (pronounced Natasha - French spelling) Rose was born on April 16 at 22.15 in the evening after a long labour (this is one second birth that wasn't shorter than the first). She weighed 3.700g, was 53cm long. She nurses like a champion already and dd#1 is so proud of her little sister.
My mother arrived Saturday for a visit, and my first contractions started just 12 hours later.
Ling, she was born at Diakonissenklinik, because I have a wonderful AP-oriented Beleghebamme who delivers there.

I'll post a complete birth story as soon as I can.

Now that's a natural birth for you! Online within 24 hours to tell the world! (no drugs!) I guess Natacha was just waiting for grandma to get there.

I wish you everything happy! Happy Family! Happy nursing and all the joy in the world!


So Natacha was waiting for the grandma!

My second birth was also longer then the first one. Much longer!
Sorry to bump in here, but I saw your posts Holly...

Congratulations!!! Welcome little Natacha! Wish you all the best....
Congrats!!!! Can't wait to hear about the birth story and see some pics of your beutiful baby girl.


with first
: will have a
: in May!!!!!
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congrats, Holly!! Sorry to be late in my good wishes but we ended up back in the hospital with both boys on Easter Monday. I'm still trying to catch up.

Enjoy the babymoon and your newest addition!

I hope all is well with your boys! Congratulations to YOU by the way for your twins
Congatulations to you both, Holly and newbelly!!!
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