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Holy cow, I'm a milk machine!

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My new son is 4 days old today. They have a public health nurse come in for a home visit within the first week of the baby's birth, so she showed up this morning to check in on the baby and see how everything was doing. She asked how BF'ing was going (it's going perfectly), asked if he was having at least 3 poops a day (he's having like 10 poops a day, rofl), and asked if I wanted him weighed. She told me that it usually takes 2 weeks for them to regain their birth weight. He was 8lbs, 7oz at birth. And at 4 days old, he's 8lbs, 13oz! He's definitely a healthy eater. Wow!

Despite how much he's eating, my breasts are still incredibly engorged. I pulled out the old breastpump to releive myself a little bit. So I was sitting here, blindly pumping while browsing message boards, and looked down to see that I had totally filled the bottle! With my daughter, I was never able to pump more than half an ounce (and even that was a major accomplishment), so giving the occasional bottle of EBM was never an option. It looks like I'll have to go out and pick up something to store all this milk in, because I have way more in that one bottle than he'll eat at a single feeding, rofl.

Just had to share, I'm totally impressed that my body is working this time.
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Be careful about pumping, you don't want to stimulate more milk production if you're dealing with engorgement. Hand expressing a little bit to relieve the pressure is better, I think. Unless of course you want more milk...
Wow - way to go!
Yeah, you'll probably have enough to make a great stash in the freezer. (Congratualtions on your little bundle of joy!) I always seemed to make just enough and no extra for EBM later... but I won't complain because at least I make enough!
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Originally Posted by ~Nikki~
It looks like I'll have to go out and pick up something to store all this milk in, because I have way more in that one bottle than he'll eat at a single feeding, rofl.
It's always good to have extra on hand! BTW, freezer bags work great for storing BM in; set them flat on a cookie sheet while they freeze, and that way you can stack them upright (like record albums) and they take up less space in the freezer. To fill them, line a large coffee mug or measuring cup with the open bag and pour from the bottle into it -- helps avoid spills. Don't want to waste any of that magical elixir!

Oh, and I just had to chuckle at your subject line -- was the pun ("Holy cow ") intended, or not? :LOL

Pun intended. :LOL It was kind of funny. When I was pumping, Dh was sitting beside me and commented on how much milk I was getting. I told him "I feel like a cow!" and he reminded me "Well, hun, you are a milk making mammal." Thanks. :p

I'll be sure not to over-do it with the pumping for the first few weeks. You're right, annakiss. I wouldn't want to trick my body into thinking I'm feeding triplets or something, and end up with a ridiculous supply. I'm only pumping to releive the engorgement for now. Although I have to say, it sure is nice to know that I'm getting so much! Better to have too much than too little.
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