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Holy crap! Babies are being born in the March ddc!

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Well two anyway, it looks like...I can't believe we are almost there.
I am so done being pregnant (at only 31 weeks
) and I am so excited to meet my baby.
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Yay! Today was the first day I actually just daydreamed about holding my baby after she's born... and it felt real! There's a lot I"m intimidated about in terms of the rest of the pregnancy, birth, new motherhood, etc. - but I couldn't stop smiling when I actually pictured kissing her little head. It's coming up soon!

(But because I have a cynical side, I have to say also - I bet in another month, I'll be going, "oh, god, I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER, aren't I?!"
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yep. some of us will be starting in March (depending on the dds). I will be going at the end of March. Can't wait!
I think someone needs to post up a sticky with birth announcements. Congrats to mamas, who had their babies, and I hope all new babies are doing well!
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