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OK I put in the request to get on the waiting list for the specialty autism clinic the day before yesterday. I just got two *huge* envelops of stuff to fill out and lists of what they need to view in the mail *today*.

I knew it was going to be a good amount of stuff but man oh man I'm starting to wonder if I can get this all filled out. There are questionares (two sided at least) including the CARS form, GARS-2, and ICAP. That isn't including the three that Dh and I need to talk MIL into filling out since the person who babysits Dd1 the most needs to fill those out.

After seeing the list, I haven't looked at the stuff to fill out yet, I'm not worried about trying to get them to look over a list of concerns that we haven't been able to get anyone around her to take seriously. Dh and I will be writing that one up and adding it to the stack if those things aren't covered in the pages and pages of stuff to fill out. Most likely will add it anyways.

My head is spinning! Holy *bleep* if this doesn't get things figured out I don't know what will.

If anyone is in IL and you need services you might want to look these folks up.
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