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Holy Schnitzel- it's my lucky week!

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So get this. In the last 2 days, from 2 different couples, I've received- for free- the following gently used items:

-The full hypnobabies course
-A didymous wrap (loaner for now)
-Britax Marathon car seat
-Graco infant carrier/carseat
-Baby swing
-Possibly the stroller that goes with the infant carrier
-baby gym
And maybe more once they dig it all out...


omg I was so worried about the money we'd have to spend on this kinda stuff, and now i'm just so so thankful!!!
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Oh my word!! There's over a 1000 bucks worth of stuff there considering the marathon is worth almost 300 bucks here, plus the Hypnobabies course etc etc!!
Wow! You know, it's great when people realize that they'll NEVER get all the mileage out of those things....I'm borrowing almost everything with this kiddo - got rid of all my own, and my friends/family all have them lying around, yk? They use them for SUCH A short time!

WTG! That sure takes the pressure off, hey?
Great score. Just make sure the infant carrier and the Marathon are not expired ie. Not over 5 years old. You could check with the gals in Family Safety for more info and links to any recalls. Enjoy your booty!
Awesome! It is so nice when people are willing to pass things along. It sounds like you have a great support system!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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