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holy sugarpea!

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:LOL Kyla had been playing with our size 1 organic fitted with her dolls (its new for the baby). She fell asleep holding it in her room.. so for kicks and giggles i decided to try it on her. The size 2s are too big, so why not, LOL. Well holy cow it fits her!!! not even on the last snap, lol!!! I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not since she is like 33 lbs
Ill have to try again tomorrow and see since she wasnt standing up or anything
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SP size 1's are awesome ... I have 4 that i never use because I want to get a soaker or 2 but dont have th extra dough ... BUT they fit T wondefully when i do put them on her from time to time ...
And here I am with my 5mth old son and the rise is just too too short on him. He's got some serious pumbers butt going on. LOL.

Course, he's got that hairy patch in a V shape that men get, he's had it since birth and it still hasn't fallen out yet. So he really does look like a little plumber.

I ought to stage a picture of him trying to work under a sink with his little hairy bum peeking out of his airplane SP1. :LOL
i love the fit of sz 1's on my 2 year old. she's petite and they fit wonderfully with good absorbtion IMO. we don't even use the biggest snap settings, i think we still have quite a bit of room to grow and hopefully by then we'll be potty learning. i think the sz 2's would swallow her up

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Oh Shan, my ds has that hairy bum thing going on too. He's a furry little baby though!! I think it's cute.
I love my one sugar pea too. It holds great!!
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