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Okay, just got my Party Pants from Wooly Wonders today.




They are so gorgeous! There are little loops with gorgeous beads on them and Pam made two crocheted bags, one Sephie size with a flower and a bead and a bell hidden on the inside, and one baby bag to go with that for her dollies or whatever.

Then she sent me yarn to make a hat for dd with, and any other little things I can think to make to go with the outfit. I am so impressed! DD climbed through a puddle she made with the dog's water bowl tonight and I blotted her off and there was no leak to the inside. And no leaks from the diaper more importantly. And wouldn't you know it- she pooped first thing when I put her in it too! :LOL

It is made with a fuzzy acrylic yarn, very cute!! I can't believe how many stitches Pam can do!

DD looks so cute in it!!
Party Pants 1
Party Pants 2

Okay, of to go snuggle dd in her new pants!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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