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So here is my story....
Well, it all began Tuesday morning, Aug.5 when MW came for our weekly visit (I was 38 weeks). I was very tired of being PG and REALLY wanted this baby OUT (I had a very rough pregnancy) before my mom came. MW said she would go to health store to buy blue and black cohosh tinctures and she'll be back in a few hours...
A few hours passed and I was on the phone to my friend when I started feeling tiny contractions and didn't really pay attention to them since I have been having many braxton hicks but after a while I felt they were coming pretty often so I suspected something might be happening... I was supposed to have my friend and fam. for dinner. After MW appt. I didn't cancel dinner plans `cause nothing was "really" happening.
So around 2:45pm the MW returned with the tinctures and I told her that I might not need them after all.... so she checked me and sure enough..... her reaction was: "oh ya, you're having this baby today!" and silly me asked if I should cancel my dinner plans, to which she replied "You are in denial girl"!!!
I asked MW by when she thinks the baby will be born, she said by 9pm. We timed the contractions... they were coming 2 MINUTES APART from the get go!!!! not strong but close together.
I went about my business, cooked supper, took a bath and called my support friends, an acupunturist (former MD) and another friend of mine. I told them not to rush....this was about 3:30pm. The acupuncurist arrived at approx.4pm.
The plan was for my other friend to take my daughter and sister to her house and come back for the birth. I wasn't feeling strong contractions yet so I didn't call her to come until 4:30pm. She arrived at 4:50 and took the girls at 5pm.
SHE MISSED THE BIRTH!!!! my son was born @ 5:12pm in the shower while I was bent over my birthing ball (I LOVE this thing!!!) His apgar was 10 at 1 minute. Weighed 7lb. 9oz. 20 in long, 13 3/4 in. head. 3 hrs total labor time with 45 min. of "real" labor.
Things were progressing so fast that I asked the acupuncturist if she had needles to slow down labor
, We all had a good laugh but I was serious at the time...
I pushed for 2 minutes and out came a totally pink little boy who didn't need any suctioning at all!!! (I'll keep the bulb for next time...)
MW said if she would have known it was going to go so fast she would have made my friend stay and not take the girls to her house.....

All I can say is... Thank G-D for home births... I can't imagine having to have the baby in the hospital.... the ones around here are horrible !!!
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