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Home Depot or Lowes?

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Around here we have lots of wholesale nurseries but no retail ones, so I'm stuck going to a HD or Lowes. I can't go too far since dd HATES the car. So which is better for organic products.... lawn fertilizer, natural pest repellants, etc.
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It really depends on the stores in your area. There are 3 of each near me, and they all vary greatly in selection (and even price). I drive a bit further to spend my money at one particular Lowes because it is the biggest, with the best selection and happens to be one of their manager training locations and we've had great service there. You will probably just have to go to both to compare.
I prefer Lowes to HD.....much better selection over all. The gardening department is the best (if you don't have an Armstrong's or ma & pa nursery near by)
Home Depot... They do not get there wood from old growth. They let homosexual partners cover in their insurance. There harassment and discrimination cover sexual "orientation".
I would call both and ask about the organic offerings (if that's what you're most interested in) and make your choice based on that.

Hope you're able to find what you're looking for.
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We went to HD. It was closer and I like the company better anyway(dh used to work at their HQ in Atlanta). I just wasn't sure what they'd have. They had organic fertilizer for our lawn. But I was also looking for a natural squirrel repellant and couldn't find any. I felt awful just walking my kids through the fertilizer aisle. :puke
There is not much to choose from where I live either... actually only a large commercial bulb grower, two small nurseries with no organic selection at all, a hardware store and Lowes. The Lowes carried organic soil supplements (blood meal and such), organic seeds, and natural repellants (they are not organic).

WHat are the squirrels eating? If they are eating your flowers you can spray a solution of hot pepper & garlic on the flowers, but you have to re-apply after the rain. If they are digging up bulbs you can "plant" chicken wire over them.

When I visit LI I am always amazed at the amount of different stores there! I am sure you will be able to find what you need somewhere on the island
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Ohhh, I see your other thread about the seeds
I would just put a layer of chicken wire over the seeds and cover it with a thin layer of mulch or dirt. The flowers will grow up through the wire. My freind who lives on LI said someone suggested she feed the squirrels away from her plants to keep them away from her garden (they were eating her crocuses)... I am not sure how that is working out for her though. I suspect that the squirrels will also eat the nasturtium flowers, they are pretty tasty!
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I've been very pleasantly surprised at how well my plants from Home Depot have done. They all weathered the winter no problem. When I decorate the new house, all non edible plants will be coming from Home Depot.
I would give them both a try.
Get some books from your library on stuff you can make yourself.There are a lot of them.One I have right now is by....jerry Baker.

Ordering online can be tricky when you don't get what you expect. I had that with the seeds.

I think beneficial insects are great,but again not many local places carry them.

It has been a while since I bought plants at HD.Last time I got an indoor plant it was full(and I mean full) of bugs inside the pot,so always pull the plant out a bit and check for bugs and root growth.

We have lots of squirrels at our new place.I know they will be trying to get at my sunflower seeds, so I will do like another poster mentioned and put out corn and seeds way in the back yard for them.We really like seeing them.We are going to plant currant bushes,and I will cover those with netting next year so the birds don't feast before we do.Probably plant something else with berriers for the birds.

Now if only I can find a non-toxic way to get rid of the grubs/meal-type-worms in my yard!Will probably look into BT or something like that.A bug to eat a bug
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Originally Posted by mattemma04
I think beneficial insects are great,but again not many local places carry them.
If you avoid pesticides and plant the right host plants, you can attract them. Buying them usually isn't that helpful in the long run, especially if there isn't food, shelter & water for them.
you can order anything you need online... try peaceful valley and living gardens. also has all kinds of natural animal repellent (we use powdered bager urine for the mice in the attic).

you do not need to go to big stores like HD or lowes for organic or sustainable gardening stuff.
Home Depot. I hate hate hate Lowes. I was there the other day with DD and NO ONE in the ENTIRE store knew what vermiculate was. I waited for half and hour with DD for them to bring it up to the front and just as I was about to pay for it, I realized that they had brought fertilizer. Ugh. THEN, when I finally got everything into the car, I happened to glance at the reciept and realized that they charged me double for a bag of peat moss.

I realize this is just one Lowes, but every single time I've been there, none of the employees know what they are talking about.
You really should check out each store, even of the same company. Here, I am equidistant between 2 HDs. How they can find so many rude people to work at the same store boggles my mind. I don't know how knowledgable their employees are, since I can't get anyone to help me. Ever. I only go to them if they are on my way somewhere AND I know EXACTLY what I want.

We have 1 Lowe's, it is a little farther, but they stock Organic supplements--both HDs don't. It is also possible at that store to get someone to help!! (I also live between 3 Targets, and it's the same--1 I will not set foot in again, 1 has good service but is out of everything, 1 has stuff in stock and mediocre service. Oh the frustration!)

My favorite is my Armstrongs nursery (local chain). Close, lots of organic amendments and fertilizers, but still full of peach trees that won't produce fruit here because of limited chill. What the ?!*
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