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Home made baby food?

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I'm 16 weeks pregnant and will breastfeed...but I'm planning ahead!
I would really like to make my own baby food. Is this possible or did I just make that up

I did hear that there is a special blender for making baby food. Is this true and if so where to I get one??

DH and I TRY to eat preservative free (not always sucessfull) and I'd like to start my baby off on the same path. We do alot of canning from our garden so I'm experienced with putting back food. If it were possible to do a ton of food at once and can it that would be great! Any advise, recipes, etc. would be much appreciated.

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i would recommend taking a look at super baby foods. my local library usually has a couple copies but i bought mine. it ahd all sorts of info on making baby foods.

i made about 90% of my dd's first foods, including her cereal. you don't need a special blender as a regular one will do fine and sometimes you don't need one at all depending on the type of food.

a lot of times you can just set aside some of your own meal and mash really well or puree. i made frozen cubes out of sweet potato, green beans and the like then i would only have to defrost what i needed. fruits i did mostly fresh. bananas were the easiest LOL!
I mainly used a food processor and it worked great. I liked to buy a good quantity of fruit or vegetables and then cook(if necessary) and puree them in the food processor. I then froze them in ice cube trays. Once they were frozen I stored them in ziploc bags in the freezer and just took about what my ds needed to eat for a meal and left the rest frozen. I found pureeing melons (cantaloupe and honeydew) and then freezing them made a special treat. I just let the ice cubes melt a little then I mashed them up with a fork and my ds loved his little icy treat. Making your own baby food is great. I found out the my ds loved turnip. I bought lots of different kinds of food for him to try and you can't get that same variety in baby food jars.
Well, ok, my dd did have some. But hey, what's a new mama to do, lol.

If you are committed to bf'ing, then that really is *all* your babe needs. When they start showing a readiness for solids (perhaps not till 12 mos or later, perhaps at 8 or 9 mos) then you can start with simple whole foods. Avocados are a fave first food for a lot of families.

I just simply gave my kids small peices off my or dh's plate. Whatever we were eating was fine for them. Mashed potatoes, applesause (homemade), finger foods in the form of vegis. Whatever. Spicy, not spicey it didn't matter. I didn't do anything different for him.

The longer you can hold off introducing any type of solid food, btw, the lower your child's chances are having a food allergy.
Wow! You guys are great!

Thanks for the tips. Making baby food was one of those things I never thought of until yesterday. It seems I think of these kinds of things on a weekly basis now! I just hope there's enough time in the day to do all this

I'll make it work...with a little help from dh!

Thanks again,
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