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Home treatment for back pain

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I hurt my back on Sunday when changing dd's nappy, I just lifted her a little and leaned forwards and that was it! The pain has been pretty bad and I ache all over from the awkward posture I've had ever since.

The problem is I live on a small island in the Bahamas, the nearest doctor is a 20min ferry trip away, which I don't feel up to - dh is away at the moment, so I'm alone with all 4 children. I've been trying to treat it myself with Advil and a heat pad - can anyone suggest anything else I could try? It's difficult to know whether I should be trying to gently exercise, or just get some rest! I'd really appreciate any advice.
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I'd suggest a cold pack. I keep a sock full of rice in the freezer that I put on my back for pain. My chiropractor suggested it, and it really does help more than heat, for me. As far as exercise- walking at a nice smooth rhythem can sometimes help work things out, and very mild gentle stretching.

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxor and may help relax your muscles.
Thank you so much, the cold pack worked really well. DH came back yesterday, thank goodness, so I've been able to get some rest.
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