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Homebirth Babe Born Sunday

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We had a wonderful drug free homebrth on Sunday early
in the am welcoming the arrival of ezra anastacia into the world. It was totally drug free (though I often felt very high) and intervention free. My MW only checked me internally once and I was 10 cm dialted then. I told hubby to take a picture of me holding up ten fingers and smiling. Yeah, that's the kind of wonderful birth we had. So amazing. Gentle contractiosn woke me at 5:30am on Saturday monring. They came and went all day long. They tapered off around noon. We had read enough Ina May to know we should nap. So we did for a few hours. Contractions were never really consistently closer together though..they were sometimes 10 minutes then five then 12 then 7 then 3. Tricky to tell what was going on with them. No bloody show or water breaking until late Saturday night.

Around 8-10pm, the contractions were gaining in intensity and took my focus away from anything else I was attempting. Still totally manageable though, partially thanks to deep yoga breaths and husband hand holding. Had bloody show finally around 10pm so we asked the mid-wife and doula and massage therapsit friend to come. Got some massage relief with lavender oil within a very short while as she lives a few blocks away. Other were there by 11:30pm, including my mother-in-law.

At 11:30pm, when my mid-wife got here she asked if I wanted her to check me internally. I said okay but then got sidetracked with a contraction or four. =) She could tell by the red line above my butt that rises like a thermometer correlating to dilation. I was about 6 cm when she checked this way and we took a picture of the red line. No internal necessary and I stayed fully clothed.

Labored on my knees leaning over my short bed side. Hubby sat or knelt behind me rubbing and whispering support the entire time. When I bolted up with a contration, he supported me in front and was so full of love, I would feel it. We were side my side the entire time. Things got more intense but my waters still had not broken. Had some great vocal cries throughout. As I obviously transitioned, MW offered to check me, again. I was 10 cm dilated around 1:30am. Waters were not going to burst easily I was told but encouraged to do the hard work of bearing down to let them burst. I was up for the challenge. Went into the bathroom to labor with hubby in the tub but stopped and threw up on the way. Then knelt in front of the tub and contracted letting out powerful grunts and cries as he supported me fully in so many ways.

Got into the tub to relax with water. Sat down for a brief moment then bolted up with a huge contraction that burst my waters. Wanted out of the tub b.c it was full of lavender suds. Bent over at the waist to hug hubby with the biggest contraction yet. Gave a strong labor cry and got out of the tub. Squatted down with hubby holding from behind and yelled for my MW. She came and said, "You are bulging. Want to go to the bed?" I replied, "Here. Now." or something wonderfully poetic like that to indicate the babe was READY to come. Pushed a couple times and babe's head then whole body popped right out very quickly. Recognized her as female and attempted breatfeeding for the first time. Birthed the placenta about five minutes later. The attendees rushed in and took pots of pictures and a few videos. AMAZINGLY wonderful experience.

After a gentle labor that built in intensity, she came with two or thre pushes at 5 lbs and 19 inches. I was 37.5 weeks along. All other vitals are really strong and she lost some ounces but is gaining them back via voracious breastfeeding. I couldn't have asked for a better
birth; it exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

My support team helped in so many ways. My husband was by my side the entire time. He whispered words of encouragement into my ear and reminded me to breathe deep yoga breaths or use a low gruntal voice when mine would start to rise. My massage therapist friend rocked with lots of rubbing and helped hubby apply pressure on my hips or upper thighs when I would just yell out body part like, "Hips! Help!" They would get to work applying pressure My SUPERdoula supported me in so many ways the entire time offering different suggestions about positions and options for comfort. Just her very prescence in the room was encouraging enough and she really went to work cleaning after the birth! She helped me walk after the birth; helped me breastfeed with success and jumped on anything as soon as I needed help. My mid-wife may be an angel is disguise, I am not sure...? She let me labor and remained pretty hands off but offered help to my hubby and I throught the whole experience. She tried to distract me when things got heavy and she gently encouraged me to focus and do the work of labor. I knew she believed I could do it without drugs or any other interventions. She was kind, professional, compassionate and trustworthy. I was so glad to have her there each minute and to talk with her over the phone throughout the day.

Dh and I are hanging around the house to nurse her as often as possible. Obviously, I am doing the breastfeeding part but hubby is waiting on us hand and foot!
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Amazing story! We should all be so lucky to have such a peaceful, gentle birth! Thanks for sharing mama!
Congradulations - that was beautiful. I love your daughter's name.
I am so happy for you both. What a beautiful first birth story. Enjoy your family..
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