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Homebirth books and/or Videos for 2.5 year old

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Any recommendations?

Also any wahm's or small businesses that sell them? Spam is totally welcome!

My 2.5 year old son Noah is really really excited to become a big brother and I am *hoping* that he'll be here for the baby's birth. My MIL will be here to support him and he'll stay as long as he wants to be here. I'm hoping that getting him used to birth beforehand will help him feel more comfortable with the real thing.

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welcome with love; is a children's book about a homebirth.

i have a ton of videos i copied from my old midwife, but i can not remember any of the titles. they are all on one tape together.

my son, was 2 years and 8 months when his sister was born. we watched videos and looked and read books. he really enjoyed it. i even practiced with a doll. he was extremely calm during the birth. we also had some special snacks for him, too.

now i am due with #3, my daughter will be 2 years and 8 months when this one arrives. all surprise babies; the timing was not planned. anyways, she just is not too interested in the videos. she loves the book i mention and we read it every night. this baby is due in mid-august. i plan to start up watching the videos once again very soon. my son, now 5 years old is very excited and still enjoys the videos. he wants me to have 10 kids! i think 3 will be plenty for us though.
My brain is a bit scattered today, but a few videos I
for my dc have been Birth Day and the one from the Andaluz Birthing Center---if you do a search on this forum, you'll find it
. Birth Day is a gorgeous and short (good for those attention spans) video that is very family-centric and involves a mw's hb in Mexico. She is surrounded by her family throughout the day, and it's just a beautiful birth. The Andaluz one is wonderful b/c it shows waterbirth and is very non-threatening--nothing scary. My oldest begs to watch it! I highly recommend both of these. Best wishes!!!
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my 2yr3mnth DD loves this book it's just beautiful, and the mama labours in a very similar way to how I did with her, which DH and I really like. (lots of walking, standing supported by DH, lots of "yelling", delivers supported standing, cuts cord after placenta comes). It's told very sweetly from the perspective of the youngest of the 3 older siblings to be, his older sisters saw him being born but he's "never seen anyone born". Beautifully beautifully illustrated too.
thanks guys!
I second "Welcome With Love". Jude REALLY liked that book. It's geared for a bit older kids, so I would just re-write it for his age level & focus on what he was interested in. When it talks about the mama making noise, I would actually make noise so he would be more used to it. Also, they show a dopplar and oxegen. Neither were present for our birth, so I just kind of skipped that. One funny thing about the book, is it shows a great picture of the newborn baby upside down. Jude was also concerned that the baby was upside down, so we'd have to turn the book over so the baby was right side up. Then, he'd point out all the baby parts. He WAS concerned that the legs were off the page though.

THinking of you Chrissy! Hope you're doing well!
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Thanks Claire!!
Did you get my email?
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I just happened across this post last week and borrowed Welcome with Love from the library for my two year old. What a lovely story. He listens to most of it and it opens the door for a lot of guestions and discusion. The one that made me laugh right out loud was when he exclaimed "baby come out mommy's bum!" Looking at the angle of the picture I can see how this made sense to him. I am hopeful we have cleared this up but also realize he won't think that forever. Thanks!
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