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Homebirth ending up at question

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Hi Ladies,

I didn't want to post this on the other "homebirth ending up in hospital" thread as this is not quite on the same subject lines. From reading the posts on that thread though made me think about something...

If you are transported to a hospital during labor that is in your insurance network but you recieve surgery/care from a Dr. that isn't a part of your insurance plan, how do you end up paying for that?? I just assume that that Dr. would be covered but just as an 'out of network' Dr. At least in my PPO plan.

I don't plan on having a particular backup Dr. I know some people do get a Dr. to agree as backup but I am so nonconfrontational and possibly easily bullied/scared by negative doctors that I don't want to even see one at all if I don't have to. I don't want to go to prenatals at all with them because I don't want any of the tests and I'm afraid I'll cave out of being bullied/guilted. I also would not feel good about not being up front with my Dr. and planning all along not to use him/her in labor.

If you were transported to the hospital last minute and you didn't already have a particular Dr. to call in, did most of you get totally screwed with the bills? I sure can't afford to pay 15,000 out of pocket for a c/s!

My heart goes out to any of you who may have had a disappointing birth experience. That above all is my biggest fear. All we can do is try to do what we think is right for us and our babies.

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I can't remember many details, but I went to the hospital for induction after planning a homebirth (43 weeks and bad biophysical profile
). Insurance covered it (can't remember if the CNM that took me was covered or not but they paid for it). We also managed to get them to cover the midwife pre and post natal care. We had some out of pocket expenses, but it wasn't terrible. Sorry so vague.
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That's ok, owensmom! I appreciate any experience! I am assuming that if I am able to make an appointment, say for an induction or if I have issues that aren't a "rush me to the hospital RIGHT NOW" situation, that I will at least have 1 day to find a network doctor. It is good to know though that I can have a little bit of confidence!

thanks again,
With my birth 10 years ago, I asked my homebirth midwives if they knew an OB I could go to as back up, and they did!
He was way, way supportive of women wanting to birth at home (still is!) and had a team of midwives on his staff. I went to see them 3 times during my pregnancy just to 'check in' so to speak. Since they knew I was planning a HB, there was no pressure to do any testing.

So, when I needed to transport into the hospital with my midwife, I was met by the OB's midwife also, and the 2 of them were there for the birth. The OB's midwife was covered by my insurance, and we paid the HB midwife out of pocket.

If you can't find a supportive OB, and I know they are hard to come least find out what hospitals and what OB/MW are covered on your plan. Have that list ready, and if you do go to the hospital give the list to then and they will see if any of them are there or on call. But usually, if you transport, and the hospital is on your plan, they will use one of the staff OBs/MWs, so you should be covered.
Good Luck!!
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