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Homebirth in St. Louis

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For those of you that had a homebirth in the St. Louis area, did you all use the homebirth doctor (Dr. Duhart)?
Are there any other options in St. Louis?
Is it legal to use a midwife that's certified in another state, but still give birth at my house?

They need to change the laws in MO.

I do have family in Illinois that I guess I could birth at their house, but I think they'd probably freak out.
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Basically you have to find a midwife off the record and then do a homebirth. It is illegal for the midwife to attend to the birth, not for you to have a homebirth. You just have to make sure no one reports her I guess

I know there are mamas here who have had homebirths here w/ a midwife, hopefully they will hop on and help you more
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I had a homebirth in STL with a midwife. I've heard very mixed reviews of Dr. Duhart. If you contact the STL rep for Friends of Missouri Midwives (sorry I don't have the link right now. They are easy to Google), they can get you in contact with a local midwife. I am pretty protective of my midwife, so I prefer to refer people to them, rather than give out the info myself.

Good luck!
I have one i can contact you with. pm me. It is hard to find one around there- but you can.

Originally Posted by wendyland
They need to change the laws in MO.
We're trying! Please help us:
I've had 2 homebirths here....the first with a midwife, the 2nd with Dr. Duhart, and I will be having my 3rd baby at home with Dr. Duhart in November. I personally liked Dr. Duhart much better than the midwife I had - which is obviously why I'll be having him at this upcoming birth! I knew a lot of people who had used the midwife I had for my first daughter and had plenty of good things to say about her, but she sure didn't work out for me. It's really a personal preference, I think; how your personality and theirs mixes. That said - my mom, who had 8 babies and 6 homebirths (5 with midwives) was horrified by the "care" I received from the midwife I had. I could never in good conscience recommend her, although I know other people like her.

Anyway - I would love it if the laws here were changed (I know we're getting close!) and then midwifery could be above board, and we'd have more midwives to choose from! Imagine, having a wider choice than 2 midwives and one doc!

Best of luck to you in finding the right person to attend your birth
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