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Homebirth Midwives?

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Hi Everyone! My husband, son and I will be moving to the Durham area in about a month, and we'll also hopefully be preganant again by then! I am planning on having a homebirth, but I have no information on any homebirth midwives in this area. So I would appreciate names of any in this area. Thank you!
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Audrey Trepiccione (Trep ih CHOWN ee)
[email protected]

my home waterbirth story is here, and she was my midwife:

For others, please visit:

Another of Audrey's clients created and maintains this, an awesome resource!!!

Looking forward to meeting you when you move!!


I second that recommendation. Audrey was my MW for DS' waterbirth in January. I can't say enough about how wonderful she is.

Would love to meet y'all sometime too!
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I have several friends who have been very happy with Nancy Harman (sp?). I can put you in touch with them if you'd like.
THree of my friends have used Audrey also, and I have heard the most wonderful things about her. She is very nice too! If I don't go unassisted next time, I will use Audrey without a doubt.
CPM = Certified Professional Midwife, only does homebirths.

Certified Nurse Midwives generally do hospital or birth center births, but Nancy left a birthing center practice to do homebirths. She apprenticed with Audrey for a while, if I recall correctly.
thought I'd stick my head in for infon in the future. I think we'll go hospital with this one, although having trouble with the wb has gives hb a point.
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