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Thought some people might be interested in this!<br><br>
Announcing the<br><br>
Second Annual Northern Virginia Homebirth Picnic!<br><br>
When: Saturday, May 5th (International Midwives Day), at 1pm<br><br>
Where: Van Dyck Park, upper picnic pavilion<br><br>
3730 Old Lee Highway<br><br>
Fairfax, VA 22030<br><br>
Come join us for a potluck lunch, social time with other homebirth families and supporters, information about homebirth and midwifery care, and a chance to honor and show appreciation to our local homebirth midwives. Add your homeborn baby's hand print to our "I Was Born at Home" tapestry!<br><br>
All are welcome---homebirthers, aspiring homebirthers, friends of homebirthers, supporters of midwives, birth professionals...<br><br><br>
~a main dish and a side, salad, or dessert to share (but come anyway even if you can't bring anything!)<br><br>
~optional donation (cash or check) to the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery; our gift to the wonderful midwives who provide home birth to our community will be a donation to FAM in their names.<br><br><br>
~Birth Professionals--bring your brochures and business cards to put on the resource table.
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