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Homebirth Pregnant Mamas Thread June 8th

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How about a birth announcement to start off a new thread?

It's a boy!

After a marathon 36-hour labor, our baby boy was born at home, under our bed at 12:17pm Tuesday June 8th! More about that in my birth story to come soon... He weighs 7lbs 5oz and is 20 inches long has the softest blond lanugo all over his body and is just perfect! Names are still being discussed...

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claudia, congrats! hope your birth was magick, as it surely must have been! i couldnt get the link to work but i am sure he is perfect in every way and simply loveable.

as for me, i had a big disappointment last night... my ctx were picking up in the evening and i even called the mw to give her the heads up in case it got real later. alas, i took a bath and they slowed and stopped. i am so ready to have this babe, i had a complete emotional breakdown and cried for a long time. i know it will happen here soon ... but sometimes even a day is too long to wait, yk?

Claudia, Under the bed---Cannot wait to hear all about it! Welcome little Turbo-yet-to-be-named! Yippee
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Congrats Claudia & Family

I've got good news of my own! (well, not *THAT* good) My high blood pressure goes down every nigt & every time I lay down (I know this thanks to borrowing my moms bp cuff & using it excessively) So my midwife thinks it would be fine for me to do some light activity as long as I get a good long nap every afternoon, and take lots of breaks. So, we're going swimming this morning. Also, I can drink a cup of coffee each day... apparently the headache I've had is caffiene withdrawl, and not high blood pressure related. We're still doing bloodwork every 3 days or so.

I've started taking a tea every day that will help my cervix ripen up (oh boy! does it ever make contractions intensify!!) but is unlikely to put me into labour. That way, if my blood pressure suddenly spikes, and I need an induction, my body will be more prepared for it. I think whats going to happen is that we'll monitor the blood pressure for the rest of the pregnancy, and it'll stay the way it is until I go into labour on my own.

I had Roland the day after a LLL meeting, so I'm going to one tomorrow (without Roland, so I can sit down & relax the whole time) just incase that had something to do with me going into labour last time around!

Kevin installed the baby carseat. He moved Rolands' to the window seat & put the babies' in the middle. At first, Roland was a bit upset by it. I pointed out that he can see out the window now, but it didn't make any difference until I said that once the baby comes he can say "No Baby, the window seat is for big boys!" So thats what he's been saying since... "Baby NO LINDOW!!, Wolands lindow!" I've created a monster!!
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Congratulations Claudia!!

I look forward to reading the story
Yeah Claudia!!!!! Can't wait to hear your story. Enjoy your baby moon.

I am just hanging out, 34w5d, so I have some time, though it is creeping up! The next 2.5 weeks are busy for me so that will help time pass quickly. I have vowed to not do much of anything in July, as to slow myself down to rest the last couple of weeks until babe arrives. I am getting so excited about birth and meeting this new mystery baby! Hope everyone else is well.
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I'm also wondering about the under the bed part...did he just come shooting out and slide?
fixed the link... eating breakfast...
Congrats TurboClaudia!

Harriet, SO GLAD to hear things are looking up...errr...down...err...whatever
as far as your BP goes. Whew!

I'm starting to get lots of pubic bone and cervix pain.

I checked myself last night...2 fingers of dilation (I can feel baby's head up there!! holy cow!) and a bit effaced, though I don't know how much...there is still definately a thick "bagel" there. But it is soft/ripe and opening. I have not lost my mucous plug yet...something that usually happens a good 5 days before I give I know I have a while yet.

I'm having a Birth Blessing Celebration on Sunday where no one is allowed to bring me presents...but everyone has been asked to bring a bead and a blessing/wish for my labour and birth experience. Then my doula will make me a birth/labour necklace to wear. Cool eh? I'm excited.

I'm also going to a spa on Saturday!! My husband got me gift certificates (from his work...they were "free" but still) to a trendy spa downtown and I'm going to a get a manicure, pedicure and 1/2 hour massage. Woo hoo! I NEVER do anything like that, so it should be fun. Do I have to shave my hippy legs to go (LOL...just kidding...I know I can do what feels right to me)? But seriously...a yuppie spa...not my I tip each person? Do I do a general tip at the end? What percentage? See...fluffy things like these...I don't get. Please, someone tell me. Really.

I'm very excited to meet my baby! My mom arrives on the afternoon of the it is my intention to wait that long...though I feel like having a solstice baby.

So...evening primrose oil...let's talk about it. What do you know? Does it just ripen the cervix OR does it get labour started too? I'm ripe...but shoot...I could be ripe for another 3 weeks!

Namaste mamas!

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Congratulations, Claudia! He's beautiful, of course.

Thought I ought to poke my head in here and introduce myself... I'm 12.5 weeks pg with our second; we have a son who is two and was born in a teaching hospital near here. It wasn't great, and I decided after he was born that the rest of our children would be born at home. So, we're planning a homebirth with two local CPM's, who I looove so much already.
hmmm... what else? I guess that's all, we're just so excited.
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Congratulations Claudia!

I'm 19 weeks along with my second baby. My first was born at home. We're using the same wonderful midwife. I'm fortunate to have really great pregnancies, but Nola was incredibly late (according to my clock, obviously not by hers) so I'd just as soon not repeat that part
I was very familar with emotional breakdowns during that time!

I prefer to have a fetascope used during my pregnancies so we tried to hear the heartbeat for the first time today. I wasn't expecting them to be able to find it but was happy that that they were able to catch my little belly bean for a minut before it swam away

Hope everyone is having happy, healthy pregnancies
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I had my midwife home visit yesterday and she was more than a bit surprised at my fundal height being 43cm. I am at almost 37 weeks, too. I also gained 7 pounds and 7 cm in the month. My dates are right on, I know exactly when I ovulated. Should be an interesting birth with such a big baby. (I know MANY of you have done it and I am not worried.) It is head down and ready to go, she even did a vag exam to make sure I wasnt already dilated being so big, but I am only at 2cm and 40%, so it shouldnt come anytime too soon. She just wanted me to be mentally prepared for a big baby. I am not sure how to do that, but I am working on it.

She is the coolest though! We were talking about who would make it to the birth and if she would make it on time, she assured me that if she didnt it would be because she was not meant to be there and the who ever was at the birth was supposed to be there. How cool is that? She also said that I willl have this baby where I am meant to have it. I love her attitude about things like that.
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abby, my sister took me to a spa for my birthday, and she tipped everyone! it sure made them happy... i'd say, if it was a freebie, they're probably not expecting it... but i doubt they make a ton of cash, so i bet tips are well appreciated. if you can afford it, i'm sure it would be welcomed!

boo to the no-show midwife.

congrats, claudia! great pictures... can't wait to hear the story of the bed!

33 weeks and counting...

Congratulations Claudia! Your baby looks precious. I am always amazed and touched by how alert and strong homebirthed babies look. Compared to hospital babies born with drugs in their system that are pretty dopey looking sometimes.

I am 32 weeks, waiting for baby to turn head down since my c/s was due to breech first time around. I am thinking she may have turned today. I have a mw appt. later today actually (it is 2:30 and I can't sleep), so hopefully they can get a sense of where her head is. I get a general sense, but can't tell which end is which yet.

I am excited about my HBAC, and I feel confident that if this baby just gets in a good position, then I will be "home" free so to speak.

Boy, don't ya just hate it when you are so darn tired but can't sleep? I know I am rambling, better go...
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Claudia, congratulations!! He is beautiful!! Like everyone, I am looking forward to the full story. Loved the under the bed pictures.

mama! Your sweet Kassi will be here so soon. This last little bit is so tough though, isn't it?!

Harriet, hurrah for the slowing down blood pressure!!

Welcome to the new mamas!
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I stare blurry eyed at your post. I am 30 weeks pregnant and the first out of bed. Not cause I am rested, not cause my little boy is awake but as you mentioned for some crazy reason... I can't sleep!

Here's hoping your baby is head down...............

Harriet happy to hear your blood pressure has dropped......

Happy gestating all
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Abby wrote: "I'm also going to a spa on Saturday!! My husband got me gift certificates (from his work...they were "free" but still) to a trendy spa downtown and I'm going to a get a manicure, pedicure and 1/2 hour massage. Woo hoo! I NEVER do anything like that, so it should be fun. Do I have to shave my hippy legs to go (LOL...just kidding...I know I can do what feels right to me)? But seriously...a yuppie spa...not my thing..."

When I was hugely pregnant with my third a friend of mine had us all go to a spa for part of her wedding shower. It was one of those places with, you know, $19 bottles of shampoo and all the people working there dressed in black.
So we settled in for the pedicure, all in row, me and four or five other women, all professionals (mostly doctors) and I'm the only one with hairy legs of course.
:LOL The woman doing the pedicure seemed to have no problem with it though, and in addition to the pedicure she gave me a leg massage!
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Apparently, my mom has been doing a bit of processing of *her* births!!! My youngest sister is 24 next week, but I guess her homebirthing daughter is shining a new light on things!! When she tells people (shes going to be at the birth with DS) she gets the usual annoying responses that I'm sure you're all familiar with. She just responds that I've made an educated choice, and she's comfortable with it...

Anyway, when she was in labour with my sister she acually had to get my dad to go out & bring a nurse to the room, because it had been a really, really long time since someone had checked in (she felt like they'd forgotten about her) The nurse, in an alarmed voice, told her she shouldn't be on her back when she's in labour. My sister was a meconium baby (which the doctor told her is a sign of distress) She got the correct information from the nurse & doctor, which was good. What she's been thinking about lately is how the midwives were there with me *the whole time* and how much more care I got when I was in labour (and more careful attention than she got in the hospital) She may just be on the way to making the leap to believing that homebirth can actually be *safer* for a healthy woman/normal birth!!!

I'm 39 weks tomorrow... I'm starting to get pretty impatient. I was all set to go for 41 weeks before the whole high blood pressure thing, but apparently I've just got too much time to think while I take it easy! I wanna smell the baby & feel it's fuzzy baby head on my lips & count it's tiny fingers & toes & look into its eyes.... *sigh* ...soon, soon.
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i am ready, too harriett- i so know what you mean. due thursday, i have had several periods of what could have been labor beginning. just test runs.

i am ready tonight! i need to hold her and look at her and snuggle into bed with my people!

there are current belly shots on my blog.

you may have to scroll down a bit.

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Hi all!

Harriet, I'm thinking of you

Tabitha...I've been reading your blog regularly. I am loving all the pics and commentary about this last bit of time before birth

I'm getting closer too. Due (technically) anytime after Friday...but we all know it could be sooner or later. My mom is coming on Friday for 8 I'm hoping to do it while she's here so my kids will have certain care.

I had my birth blessing celebration yesterday. It was absolutely wonderful. Chants. Drumming. Food. Umbilical cord (symbolic of course) bracelet making/weaving. Bead blessings (for my labour necklace). And love love love. It was so good
I'm so glad I had one! I wasn't going to...but then felt the need at the last moment.

Mamas....I'm so excited!!! I'm going to have another baby!!!

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