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That was an awesome read! What a big boy, yeesh. Mine's supposedly big but I'm really hoping he's not THAT big!

You've made me feel better about the possibility of birthing "late" (whatever that even means...babies are like wizards, they arrive precisely when they mean to!). I just hit 39 weeks and my OB's trying to tell me that I will be induced at 41 weeks, like it or not. I really want a natural birth so that didn't go over well, obviously. I think as long as baby and I are still doing well, there's absolutely no reason to do anything besides wait for him to show up.

Your midwife sounds like a great lady, that's exactly what I'd want in a caregiver! Support and encouragement while respecting your wishes...what a beautiful idea. There aren't any midwives or doulas in my area, but I'm definitely never seeing this OB again after my son's born; she thinks the only answers are medical answers, and she's damned pushy.

Congrats on your wonderful homebirth and your big, healthy boy!
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