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I know that similar threads are always circulating, but I've searched and searched and can't seem to find one to revive.

I have my standard homebirth kit from the list my midwife provided-it's all sitting in a box so bland and ~medically~ looking. (mmm....rubber gloves.....plastic cord clamps......exciting.....) I really want to put together a special box of treats for myself, DH and babe full of a few "just the right things" and a couple "so glad I had thats".

Any marvelous suggestions?

I'm thinking luxury items (not price-wise kwim? but thoughtful or yummy or soothing or relaxing or whatever)

Any ideas of things to include for hubby?-I know he'll be exhausted and euphoric and deserve some kind of pampering as well (you know-something to accompany the amazing transformative gift of fatherhood

Rock on
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