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Homebirthers - ped. appointment after birth?

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Just wondering what other homebirthers have planned for ped. appointments after the birth. With our dd, we took her in at two days, and did the newborn screening. Right now we're not too happy with the ped. we've been seeing, and have not found another. Not sure what plans I should make for this little one.


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With dd she never went to the doctor. She has been once in her 3.5 years of life. Although with this baby, it will be different. Since homebirth midwives are illegal in this ugly state that I live in, I have to bring this baby to the doctor so I can get a birth certificate. We are looking for a naturopath.

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We never had a dr visit for the baby after homebirth and don't plan on this one either. The midwife sees the baby at my follow ups and weighs it and offers PKU etc so I see no need for a ped visit unless there is a problem. Actually, neither of my kids have ever seen a ped in their lives, we always just take them to the family doc or naturopath if we feel the need, which is hardly ever.
When we lived in another state, we had a wonderful holistic pediatrician who made house calls after a baby was born.
But if we are blessed with another baby, I have no plans to take him or her to a pediatrician. We have an OK family doctor here whom I could always take the children to if something was wrong, but fortunately we have not seen a doctor in over two years.
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we took Lily to see the our family doc, who we love, about 4 days after birth. He gave us a form that stated he had checked out the baby (he also wanted to hera all about the birth and how everything went, he used to deliver babies when he was in the Peace Corps and I think would like to be a general practitioner that delivers babies!) and we took that paper with us when we got her birth certificate the next day.
My midwife does the baby check-ups.
Our midwives do the immediate "evaluation," and then we have a fabulous amazing wonderful ped who does housecalls for homebirthers. with dd, he came the day after she was born, and again several days later cuz i still wasn't getting out yet. i feel very lucky to have this.
my midwife does do the post natal checkups as well. But like Darkstar, it is easier to get a birth certificate in my state where lay midwifery is not recognized if I go to the peds office and get a paper he signs to take to get the birth certificate.
With DS we planned to go in at 2 days old for homebirth. This time the MW will do PKU for us so if BF is going well and all then will probably wait until 1 week old. Our ped's office is moving to within a block of our subdivision so new baby will go by sling instead of car.
I dunno, maybe a week. LOL Actually my son has his 4 year check up when the baby is due, so depending on when she's born I'll delay or even schedual a little early his check up and have them add on that we'll be bringing the baby too. Not like either will be getting shots or anything, but it will be easier to get the birth cert. if we see the ped. I think.
our midwives do the post natal check-ups through at least 6 weeks. we'll do the paperwork to enroll the baby in the same health insurance k is on (a state-funded insurance), but we most likely won't take the baby until 6 or so months unless something presents itself as an emergency.
Nope. 10 months old here and never seen a Dr.

I got really lucky and my Ped came to my house. Her office is 5 minutes from where I live, so she said it wouldn't be a problem to come to me. She even came the same day he was born, and did an evaluation but didn't really do more than what the midwife had already done.
We didn't see a doctor until after the 6 week discharge by our mw. She did all our care.
I think it would depend - do you want your child to have a ped or no? If not, then have the midwife do the checks... if yes, then make an appointment.
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